A Visual Look into Spam and Link Farms

With the shock of panda/farmer update a few months behind us, slowly but surely data is coming out and contributing to the certainty of the update.

I often forget that in order to effectively and quickly assess data you need the information to presented in a simple and digestible format. We keep our reports for clients as singularly focused as possible, while still effectively reporting on the progress of goals. It’s the simple one-thing-to-get imagery that makes communicating an otherwise complex data set, palatable.

Examining communities via links produces particular point plotting, according to the sharing and community linking. Keep in mind no two communities are going to look the same. It is about assessing trends and examining consistencies. Bing has shared the images below in a fantastic post. The top image displays a “healthy” organic community, the bottom image a link farm filled with spam. How hard do you think it is to find black hat links from your site?

In the post that shared these images, Bing also gave their take on the four things you should be doing to effectively market online. Things you should be doing now:

Growing your social footprint
-Get started with a Facebook fan page to leverage the ability to get “Likes” into the SERP.

Accessing data to help you improve your website
-Sign up for a Bing Webmaster Tools account to not only see the data available about your site but to watch for updates and future announcements from Bing.

Balance your marketing plan
-In addition to well-planned search engine marketing and social media plans, you should also be seeking to balance where you get traffic from.
-By including paid search as part of your plan you create a safety net for potential organic algorithm changes and can drive highly targeted, converting traffic immediately.

Cover the basics for long-term traffic
-Since we’ve mentioned it above, make sure you’re making progress on that search engine optimization plan.
-Work to ensure your website is as optimized as it can reasonably be. This makes for a better product for your users, and for the search engine’s crawlers as well.