How to Add New Keywords to AdWords

Adding Keywords to AdWords is a routine part of maintenance for PPC campaign management. Keywords must be added before your AdWords campaign can even begin. This article details how to add new keywords to adwords.

The steps for adding keywords are different across Google Search Network and Google Display Network. 

Before you get started it’s important to identify which network you will be serving ads on or more importantly which keywords you want to add either campaigns on the Google Search Network, Search Network with Display Select or Google Display Network (GDN).

To varify which network you’re using click the “Campaigns” tab in AdWords and then review the type, it should be noted below the campaign name.


These instructions apply to Search Network Only and Search Network with Display Select campaigns.

Step 1

To add keywords you must be signed into your AdWords account.

Click the Keywords tab.

Step 2

Choose the +Keywords icon near the top of the keywords table.

Then choose the ad group you’d like to add phrases to.

Step 3

Keywords can be added one per line to the keyword box. You can include multiple words in a keyword phrase.

Meaning you can add a phrase like “Can I use multiple phrases for AdWords Keywords” as one very specific keyword.

Make sure to save.


Step 1

Sign into your AdWords account.

Choose the Display Network tab.

Step 2

Click +Targeting

Choose the Ad group you’d like to update.

Select the “Add targeting” dropdown and choose “Display Keywords”

Step 3

Add keywords to the keyword box, one per line.

Close out of the window to save changes.

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