AdWords Mistakes You Might Be Making

Crafting the perfect AdWords advertising campaign is a project that requires a great deal of thought.

For every tip that you should absolutely use, there are just as many things that could limit your campaign’s potential.


Here are a few of the biggest issues that you should avoid at all costs – the ones that might get your ad removed from AdWords entirely and that could even cause trouble for your general PPC performance.


Perhaps the biggest issue that can spell trouble for people advertising on Google search is unclear content. If your ad includes a call-to-action, for example, make sure it’s as clear and as easy-to-understand as possible. Not only can a confusing call-to-action prevent people from actually engaging with your ad, but it could usher in penalties for your larger campaign as well.


When designing your AdWords ads, it’s important to think of them as pieces of artwork. Style problems (like designing an ad that doesn’t display properly on certain types of devices) and general spelling issues are a great way to shatter this illusion instantly. Always make sure words are spelled correctly and your ad looks as good as it can in a visual sense.


  • Repetition
    • Too much repetition in an ad can, not only harm your ability to stand out from your actual competition, but it can also inadvertently cause your ads to start competing with themselves.
  • Capitalization and Symbols
    • These are a bit like the larger style and spelling issue, just with a slightly different angle. Make sure that words that SHOULD be capitalized ARE capitalized, not only to help create maximum impact but to give your ads an air of professionalism that will be desperately needed. The same is true for symbols, which should be using sparingly and APPROPRIATELY whenever possible. 
      • For text ads, it’s we suggest following “Camel Case” settings – meaning the First Letter Of Every Word Is Capitalized.
  • Bad Images and Poor Video Quality
    • If you’re going to use rich media in your ads as a way to attract attention, make sure those images and videos actually live up to the promise they’re offering. A great image is worth 1000 words… but a poor one may cause the opposite to be true, too.

In 2016 Google removed 1.7 billion PPC AdWords ads that broke these and other types of rules. Even if you only looked at each ad for a single second, it would still take you more than 50 years to get through them all. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t end up being one of those advertisers.

If you have concerns about why ads are not being approved by Google reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to review your account and offer insight into the AdWords issues you are facing.

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