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Adding Keyword Research to your Healthcare Marketing Plan

Health care marketers have a strong history of resorting to traditional advertising to build brand awareness and reach a wide audience. From billboards to TV spots, organizations are emptying significant portions of their budgets on mass marketing channels. But are these advertisements increasing the number of surgeries performed each year?


Critical Tips for Measuring Healthcare PPC

Paid search advertising, when implemented correctly, can provide numerous benefits to a health care organization. To name a few, paid search enables healthcare providers to target a niche audience, lower the cost per lead, increase the number of scheduled procedures, and better understand the needs of their patients. However, without tracking and measuring your efforts, marketing your medical practice effectively is highly unlikely. The PPC Team at Evolve Digital Labs is a Google Partner, and thus are recognized as experts in Paid Search. We are obsessed with measuring, so today Iam going to walk you through the best practices.


SEO Considerations for Responsive Design

Itas no surprise that the use of Internet on mobile devices continues to rise at an exponential rate, weare all constantly attached to our phones and tablets.  It has been estimated that nearly half of all local searches are occurring on a mobile device. It has also been projected that in 2014, the use of mobile Internet will surpass that of fixed Internet overall.


Search engines recognize this trend anda strive toa promote results optimized for mobile use. In short, Google hasa started rewarding sites that havea mobile-friendly design with higher rankings and opportunity. So essentially, there are no reasons to NOT optimize your site for mobile.

Improving Patient Outcomes: Online and Offline

The importance of content on a hospital website canat be overstated. It engages and informs readers, while also enabling a hospitalas website to rank for terms that relate to the services provided. Content creation is necessary. But in the realm of healthcare, wherein the organizationas central purpose is to heal, content alone is not enough.


An article by Clinical Endocrinology News reports that patients only retain about 10% of the information from doctors during a visit, and only half leave with an understanding of their treatment plan. Whether blindsided by a surprising diagnosis, unable to understand medical jargon, or resistant to ask questions, patients are leaving their doctor appointments with little support for reaching a better health state. Thatas not okay.