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Simple .htaccess Tricks for On-Site Optimization

This post goes out to all the site owners/developers out there who are running a site using the Apache server. You want to optimize your site for search results, but the whole task seems rather daunting. Weall be honest, it can be. But before doing keyword research, building landing pages, and perfecting your internal linking structure, there are some basic on-site modifications you can make first. This list represents some of the most common on-site mistakes SEOs encounter. Luckily, they are also some of the easiest to repair. All of these changes can be implemented by simply adding a few basic lines of code to the siteas .htaccess file.

How to Edit the .htaccess

Accessing the .htaccess:

Using an FTP client, you can log in to your domain and edit the .htaccess file from there. (My preferred FTP client is Filezilla.) Your FTP login should be available from whatever host you are using (e.g., GoDaddy, Bluehost).

Keyword Research for the Novice

Keywords = People Keywords are not about manipulating search engines (or at least they shouldn’t be), and they aren’t industry garble. Behind keyword data are literal people conducting searches for products and services like yours.

Fundamentals of a solid company blog

Most of the websites I scour on a daily basis are other marketing sites a and for the most part, they have it together. The blogs of other industries, however, are a different story; the brands donat always see the value. Iam so used to stumbling upon a companyas blog that hasnat been updated since its aWelcome to our blog!a post circa 2007, it often takes me by surprise to see a non-marketing company investing time and effort into its web log (a little trivia for you there). This post features three seemingly dull industries that are actually doing a great job with content creation.

Blogging Fundamentals