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Google, the Game Changer.

Google certainly makes searching easy for us, doesnat it? All we have to do is type in the first letter and suddenly the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is pulled up, revealing the results for whatever is currently displayed in the search bar. For example, when I type "f" for aFinland,a Google automatically displays the results for the "F" SERP - of course, it's dominated by Facebook. Even when I continue my search, aFinl,a Google updates the SERP to show the result for what I would eventually type: aFinland.a It's pretty convenient, I suppose, but there's also a darker side to this situation. **How is Google changing the game?**

Evolve's Collective Wish List

As you know, this is the season for giving. Whether you generously splurge for loved ones, complete strangers, clients, or colleagues, the act of giving is certain to infect you with the feel-good bug (symptoms include a but are not limited to - nonchalant humming and a twinkle in your eye). This year, Evolve was all over it! We had a swell time participating in the second annual [St. Louis Tweet Drive](!/STLtweetdrive "!/STLtweetdrive"), which benefited Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army. Itas such an encouragement to see the St. Louis community tweeting (and doing) for good.

Evolve Digital Labs: Moving Forward

The reality is that self-promotion is a necessity. Neglecting to keep content calendars and self-branded tasks are detrimental to a company's advancement.

Outsourcing Your Social Media Strategy

Maintaining an active presence on social sites is time-consuming and often overwhelming, which is why many businesses outsource their reputation management strategies

Introducing the SEO Guide for Beginners

During the Get Digital Seminar earlier this month, Derek mentioned that Evolve has been preparing an [SEO Guide for Beginners]( ""). While it will never be fully completed (this industry, after all, is known to evolve), we are pleased to finally present a 29-page guide that is sure to get you started on the right track.A

Enterprise Influencers for B2B and How to Reach Them

Chasing influencers through conversations and keywords proves difficult. Identifying the hierarchy of influencers who affect the decision is more efficient.