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Retargeting: Advances in Search Engine Marketing

Lately Iave been stuffing my brain with as much Search knowledge as possible. It takes me back to the days of college general education courses, which pried me from my element and exposed my weaknesses. Iam really into literature, words, and language. Letas discuss the internal conflicts of Fahrenheit 451. Please, though, donat make me mess with fractions.

Spending Time with the Family and Losing Digital Connection

Going dark doesn't sound like a big deal. It probably shouldn't be but I can count on one hand the days I have gone completely dark from work since 2009.

SEO for Video

SEO for video needs to be done strategically just like search engine optimization for websites - by using keywords, tags, and descriptions appropriately.

Challenge #3 Change one thing at Evolve

I named our company Evolve because in this industry, what is efficient today might be made obsolete tomorrow. A huge part of that is the willingness to change.

Challenge #2 Facing your fears and why it matters in business

As business owners, we are hard on ourselves. Perhaps the balance of the Id necessary to take rejection, humiliation, and failure is what leads to success.

Adapt Your Brand to Complement Consumer Behavior

At Evolve, we emphasize the importance of knowing whom you are marketing to. Consumer behavior in the online realm is different from the physical world.