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Internet marketing, also know as online marketing, is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services via digital assets using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Internet marketing is a broad term that spans marketing tactics and strategies to include content marketing, email, search, paid media, and social media marketing.

data story merck manuals digital growth

Data Story: Merck Manuals Digital Growth

The graphic below is a work in progress. The animated data visualization shows the history of a major healthcare company in units of digital traffic – by channel. We see the ups and downs of things like:

• the effect that Website Migration (May 2014) can cause when done improperly (but also the results of correcting the issues.)

• how quickly focused Paid Search campaigns can make a difference (from 0-157K in one month)

• the effect that Google’s algorithm updates (Oct 2018) can have when cleaning up an industry, and

• how, when SEO is done correctly, organic traffic can survive such an update and even flourish!

abstract architectural puzzle pattern for crossword puzzle article

SEM / SEO Crossword Challenge

Put your SEM / SEO and PPC knowledge to the test with this fun and challenging brainbuster.

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The Future of Medical & Healthcare Marketing: Local SEM + Organic SEO

Healthcare marketing caters to an increasingly advanced patient in the medical industry. Is Local SEM & Organic SEO the Future

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Web Based Email Marketing: Increase Open Rates & Click-Thru Rates

The first of a series on web based email marketing. Learn strategies that are focused on customers in order to increase click through rates and drive sales.

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Must Know Tips to Video Marketing Success

For your business to grow with video marketing, your content has to show up in search results and expose itself to your true audience and create engagement.

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SEO Tricks: Create Keyword URL Combos To Boost Profits

Make your URL keyword-friendly and your keyword URL friendly as well. Designing a user-friendly URL improves your company’s traffic and conversion rates.

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What Google’s Mobile First Indexing Means For Your Business

You may have heard a lot of buzz around the phrase Mobile First Indexing. Let’s see how this change from Google impacts your business.

Stop The Marketing Waste: Lead Conversion & Turning Clicks to Cash

Tired of losing out on leads or you’re looking for a leg up over your competitors? Learn how to consistently increase your company’s lead conversion rate.

SEO Best Practices for a Successful Website Migration

Evolve Digital Labs complied an easy-to-digest guide for the website migration process. Don’t lose customers and profits due to search engine rankings.

JTBD bananas

JTBD – A Lesson About Milkshakes That Can Grow Your Business

JTBD – jobs to be done – can help reveal your online market in ways you never thought possible. It has lead to unimaginable growth for our clients.