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AdWords is Google’s iteration of PPC. Evolve Digital Labs is home to a team of AdWords experts ready to support the growth of our clients in multiple industries. For more in-depth and customized insights, visit our amazing (and free) AdWords performance grading tool, ClickScore

google adwords revenue

Google AdWords Revenue Growth

If your team wants to increase conversion rates, see traffic soar from PPC campaigns, and your Google AdWords revenue grow, this SEO framework is for you.

Ways To Increase Click Through Rate

Increase Clickthrough Rate for AdWords: What You Need to Know

Tips to Increase Clickthrough rate in AdWords. Discover ways to boost your CTR and paid search ROI.


Extreme Content, YouTube & Programmatic Buying

Some of the world’s largest brands are no longer advertising on YouTube & programmatic buying has allowed their ads to be served with incongruous content.

AdWords Exact Match Change – What You Need to Know

What does the AdWords Exact Match Change mean for your AdWords campaigns? Here’s what you need to know about Exact Match Close Variation Changes

AdWords Campaign Types

Learn about AdWords Campaign types. Find the campaign type that is best for your business goals. Learn about AdWords Tactics & digital advertising.