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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the use of various strategies and tactics in order to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to your website by organic (unpaid) search engine results.

What Is Google Ads? It’s The New Google AdWords & It’s Here To Stay

It shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone when I say, the world of PPC and Google Ads marketing is in a constant state of evolution. Year after year, marketers are presented with new bidding strategies or advanced and comprehensive targeting practices and they’re expected to embrace them if they want to succeed.

Well, this July Google decided to evolve the PPC game once again. In a branding effort to simplify their marketing platform, Google has changed the name of their online marketing platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads.

It may take some time for the paid search and SEO world to transition into using Google Ads in their everyday language, but marketers need to act fast in their written communication for Google Ads.

If your organization is producing content about Google marketing and still utilizing the former name of "AdWords" instead of "Google Ads," you could be missing out on key customers in your digital marketing strategy as well as taking a step to create valuable content at a lower cost.

So, where can your organization make improvements in your written content so you can speak to your true market audience and show Google’s algorithm that you’re aware and taking part in their rebrand?

Utilize the written usage of Google Ads in these aspects of your branding:

  • On your website
  • In your emails
  • In your blog content
  • In your Google Ads content
  • In your social media posts

It has taken some time for marketers to embody the new branding, but the online community is adapting faster than most would have imagined.

Check out the chart below to see some data around how quickly Google Ads is taking the online community by storm.

google ads keyword research

This shows marketers one thing, now more than ever, we need to embrace and embody change at blinding speeds if we want to stay as far ahead of the competition as possible.

If your organization has any questions or concerns over Google’s rebrand or if you’re wondering how to best strategize this into your content marketing strategy please reach out to Evolve Digital Labs for your free consult.

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infographic explaining jobs to be done theory used by evolve digital labs

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