Comfy Sacks Crash Landing!

Evolve loves local businesses. We toss back our fair share of Schlafly Beer and frequent Park Avenue Coffee for its caffeine-saturated beverages and melt-in-your-mouth gooey butter cake. You don’t even know. More recently we’ve discovered a fixation with St. Louis’ own Comfy Sacks, a brand that sells luxury beanbag furniture. I say “luxury” because these products are nothing like the dumpy, saggy blob of a chair that you used to plop down on as a child. No, a Comfy Sack is an indulgence.

I was able to witness each member of the Evolve team take his or her turn, initially sinking into the plush exterior and immediately exclaiming, “Oh wow!” It was truly unlike anything we had ever experienced, which is why each reaction was exactly the same: unexpected.

In fact, I specifically recall at least two people commenting on their desire to just fall asleep right then and there. Reality eventually seeped in and forced them out (or was it the next person in line to test our new office addition?)

The Comfy Sack acts as a giant piece of memory foam. It conforms to the contours of your shape, unlike other similar products, and it still leaves you with plenty of padding beneath your frame. They aren’t the cheapest pieces of furniture in the market because “cheap” never, I repeat: never, resonates of comfort.

Believe it or not, Comfy Sacks actually carries a diverse amount of products. They have the 5-foot sack, which Evolve owns (impressive, but only large enough for one). From here, the products just increase in size, indulgence, and ridiculousness. Check out the 8-foot comfy sack! I think it’s big enough to be the venue of my next birthday party.

I’m also a big fan of the loungers. Proportionally, they are a bit wider, with curved edges that feel similar to arms of a couch when you sit back.

I’m not trying to close a sale or anything, just spreading the news. The testimonials page really speaks for itself, and even Apple’s headquarters is furnished with Comfy Sacks. Evolve is overjoyed to have a Comfy Sack. It’s certainly nice to chill out on while drinking a Schlafly after (during) a hard day of work.