Connecting with Consumers through Search

Today Derek spoke at IABC’s seminar, The Communicators’ Toolkit, about the ability for brands to use Search as a means of connecting with consumers. The purpose of using keywords on a website isn’t to bait people online; it’s to match your brand’s services and products to the needs of a searcher.

If your website is receiving primarily branded traffic, you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with the larger audience that is unaware of your brand – yet has needs that your services or goods can fulfill.

Derek talked about the importance of understanding a buyer persona before diving into keyword research, then making sure a website is able to rank for terms that attract audiences in all stages of what we call the “sales funnel.” To break it down simply, most people start searching with a vague problem in mind. As they perform additional research, they refine their queries to be more specific and often inclusive of a brand name.

Check out the presentation below: