Success on Amazon Requires a Thought-Out CPG Digital Marketing Strategy

“If retail is detail, Amazon is data…and detail”

If your CPG or e-commerce company is looking to sell products on Amazon (AMZN), or if your brand is already selling to consumers online, you may realize it’s a little more difficult to earn profits than the four-step, list, sell, ship, get paid, process that’s on the Amazon get started page.

The true contenders, the companies that are producing the most sales with the best ROI, are fully aware that this competitive landscape is anything but a free-for-all. It takes an immense amount of data analysis, strategic digital marketing tactics, targeted paid search, not to mention some organic SEO to truly get to the coveted “Amazon Best Seller” stamp of approval.

To add insult to injury, not only is Amazon the hottest marketplace for CPG companies to sell products direct to consumers, they are now producing their own products to contend in the most profitable categories and quickly becoming a formidable competitor.

infographic statistics about the market that amazon provides

So, how can your e-commerce and CPG organization get ahead of the competition? Where should the decision makers look for innovation in their digital marketing and sales strategy on Amazon?

  • Do extensive product research
  • Study Amazon’s search engine data & competitor’s keywords
  • Create detailed listings

Researching the Right Products to Sell & Advertise

Unfortunately, successfully marketing and selling products on Amazon is extremely complicated and if your team isn’t using the right tools at their disposal you could be missing key components to success

The reason being, as fast as technology has evolved in the last five years, the e-commerce industry has to move even faster to stay ahead of the game. Because of this increase in technology, we as humans have evolved as consumers. There are three major factors that have massively influenced this transformation.

  1. The mobile device and its impact on our lives
  2. The internet speeds at which we can access information and products
  3. The ability to share that information with anyone and everyone seamlessly

If digital marketers within the CPG and e-commerce industry wish to truly improve their customers’ lives they have to collect what users are searching for in search engines, study Amazon’s website analytics, and be able to seamlessly bridge the gap between the customer’s desktop experience and the mobile experience.

There’s no doubt about it, Amazon marketers are dealing with an increasingly advanced customer. They’re research-obsessed, demanding, and impatient, but ultimately, they recognize they are all that matters, and Amazon knows that.

In order to successfully find the right product to sell, your organization must utilize one of the many free or paid tools available like JungleScout.

screenshot of junglescout a tool to help research amazon

A product scraper or scanner like JungleScout is the epitome of working smarter, not harder to achieve success on Amazon.

There’s no question, extensive data research is the most important precursor towards any successful CPG digital marketing strategy. Jungle Scout will show your organization invaluable predictive analysis on data points like product demand, sales numbers, and customer reviews so your CPG or e-com organization can strategize your product launch to achieve its maximum ROI.

In addition to the research, a tool like this is essential to innovation and growth because it will seamlessly allow you to organize this uncovered sales data from thousands of your competitors’ products on Amazon. Data without purpose is just data, but organized and comprehensive data and analytics will keep your company leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

amazon top growth product groups

This study from One Click Retail showed enormous growth in the luxury beauty, grocery, pantry, and furniture markets over the last year and there aren’t any signs of them slowing down.

So, with such a high level of competition in certain niche’s, how can you and your product’s organization innovate its data-driven CPG digital marketing strategy for success?

Compile Amazon’s Search Data & Competitive Keywords

What Amazon does better than almost anyone is providing a customer-centric user experience. Their goal is to complete a user’s “job-to-be-done” as quickly as possible. They have to be able to do that in order to be as disruptive as they have been.

Take it from Jeff Bezos,

“If there’s one reason we have done better than of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business. It certainly matters online, where word-of-mouth is so very, very powerful.”

jeff bezos quote from article

If your CPG company can use one of the many machine learning tools to digest the important questions, deduct your customers’ “jobs-to-be-done,” and then strategize your Amazon sales and marketing efforts around customers’ pain points, your organization is sure to elevate their user experience, all the while creating a generation of brand-loyal consumers.

Think of your Amazon page the same way your company would think about building a website or producing Google AdWords campaigns. Advanced SEO tactics and extensive keyword research are essential benchmarks for success.

Just as your SEO team would “tag” or add meta-descriptions on a website, Amazon has what they call backend keywords. These are worth more than gold to any CPG organization or e-commerce brand.

Amazon gives each product page five fields for your e-commerce team to submit your backend keywords. Each line has a fifty-character limit, so that gives you a very strict two-hundred-and-fifty-character limit. If you go over, Amazon will not index them.

  • Don’t repeat or stuff keywords
  • Try not to include too many variations of the same keyword
  • Don’t use commas
  • Don’t use competitors brand names

Sure, having a quality product to sell is incredibly important to consumers, but the user isn’t the only important factor for Amazon. Their algorithm scans every product page explicitly looking for relevant backend keywords that will place your product in front of the right customer when they search the website.

As Mr. Bezos says, customer experience is everything to Amazon and the more valuable keywords you can attain for your product the more likely your organization will be in the mix when a user types in a competitive keyword.

These incredible keyword tools are at any organizations disposal:

screenshot of junglescout tool dashboard

Now, seeing as this tool is specifically built for Amazon sales, we’d recommend Keyword Scout, which is a new app addition to the many tools available with JungleSout.

Google’s Keyword Planner and MOZ’s Keyword explorer are great tools as well, but they’re going to pull more data from Google’s search engines and the accuracy within Amazon may not be as efficient as with Keyword Scout.

Not only is Keyword Scout a valuable keyword tool, but you’ll also receive priceless promotional and give-a-way advice that you can sync up with JumpSend. This is an automated promotional and email service that targets the right customer with the right message at the right time, and ensures you’re capturing your true market audience “in-the-moment.”

With Keyword Scout, you’ll receive:

  • A multitude of keyword suggestions from a single keyword or competitor’s ASIN (Amazon Sales ID Number)
  • Suggested bidding strategies for Amazon pay-per-click advertising.
  • The exact match search volume for a keyword, which is the number of times a keyword is searched on Amazon for the past 30 days.
  • The broad match search volume for a keyword, which is the number of times a keyword and closely related words or phrases are searched for on Amazon in the past 30 days.
  • Suggested giveaway cues you in on how many units of this product to giveaway daily.

Once you’ve compiled your list of valuable backend keywords you’re one step closer towards marketing and selling profitable products on Amazon.

Now, it’s onto building your product listing and using this data to fill your pages.

Create Customer-Centric and Software-Centric Product Listings

CPG and e-commerce success on Amazon is about organically creating a relationship in which your organization provides real, tangible value to your customers. The best way to do this is by populating each product page with incredibly relevant and useful information.

  • Tap into the customer’s pain points
  • Attract their inner desires
  • Demonstrate differences between brands
  • Utilize visual metaphors
  • Connect to their emotions

So, how can your company increase the relevance of the content on your Amazon product page and build it to be more customer-centric and software-centric?

Insert your top performing keywords into:

  • Your product titles
  • Your brand names
  • Your product names
  • Your brand fields
  • Your product description and bullet points
prodcut example crenova digital projector

When you optimize the written content on each section of your page you’re not only showing a prospective customer that your product is relevant to their search or “jobs-to-be-done,” but you’re also catering to Amazon’s algorithms which will always put you in a better position than the competition.

There’s also the option of using Enhanced Brand Content or EBC. This essential feature will allow your brand to alter product descriptions on your branded ASINs. Your team can take a different approach to describe your product’s features by including an original brand story, quality images, and text placements. We highly suggest adding EBC to your product detail pages so your CPG organization can achieve higher conversion rates, improved traffic, and increased sales.

Optimize These Non-SEO Elements for Maximum Success

In addition to all the technical SEO best practices for Amazon CPG success, it’s important to understand that if your business is going to deliver content on the page, it better be focused and relevant. In our “buy it now” mobile generation, any friction in the purchase or user process will simply end in customer abandonment.

Make sure that your creative and marketing teams are focusing on these aspects for additional success:

Lastly, product reviews are the golden ticket to success on Amazon.

statistic slide 88% of people trust product reviews

Every customer is wildly varied and there is never a “one-size-fits-all” approach to successful CPG marketing on Amazon. That’s why it’s important to use reviews, and the statistics show the how much a quality set of reviews can impact Amazon sales.

statistic slide amazon platform makes shopping personal and easy

If your organization is going to elevate a customer’s experience, it’s vital to understand your customer, the platform on which they’re accessing their information, and what their intended outcome is.

Remember, a successful CPG digital marketing strategy on Amazon isn’t just about getting more customers to your page, it’s about getting the right customer at the right time, that’s why it’s vital to utilize emerging technologies and platforms.

  • Social Media– Instantly share information with customers on new products and updates.
  • Voice Search– The future of search is natural language and voice will eventually be an easier communication stream for any demographic to start the product education journey and purchase process.

To Sum Up Amazon & Success for the CPG Digital Marketing Strategy

CPG and e-commerce companies need to fully embrace the data-driven revolution if they’re going to create successful and meaningful relationships with Amazon and your customers.

More importantly, your team will need to:

  • Utilize your data
  • Embrace social media
  • Produce empathetic customer experiences
  • Speak to your true audience
  • Utilize reviews

If your organization is still shaking its head over Amazon marketing goals and objectives and what strategies your company should implement to increase brand awareness and maximize profits, reach out to Evolve Digital Labs for your free consult.

A minute of your time could improve user experience and increase ROI.

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