How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

“What content should I create for my website?” It can seem like a very daunting question. Writing content for the sake of creating content is a big waste of time. However, there is a better path forward that won’t be a waste of your resources (time and money). You must learn how to create a content marketing strategy.


At Evolve Digital Labs, we believe a content marketing strategy should provide greater value. It should push consumers through a purchase funnel or workflow and be a part of a comprehensive SEO plan. 


A content marketing strategy should, in fact, be strategic. To make content effective, it has to align with a consumers’ Jobs-to-Be-Done. This blog provides greater detail on the Jobs-to-Be-Done Theory; it is a theory that reveals the customer’s decision-making process. In short, people “hire” or purchase products to complete a job.

Evolve Digital Labs Jobs to Be Done Customer Map

Each search query made in search engines is part of a job step. So ideally your website content should help consumers complete their job steps. Your content should answer the questions noted above, like “How? “What?” “When?” “Where?”

Videos, articles and blogs need to be relevant. They need to guide users through the customer journey and deliver answers to search queries.


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your consumers’ job steps. We analyze thousands of search queries across the Internet. This way we have a complete picture of search language and market data that distinguishes your products and services versus competitors.


Robust language data reveals unique customer segments and needs that content must address. Our research findings also help pinpoint audiences for targeting and opportunities for engaging with new potential customers.

We also discover the content that is missing from your site and topics which are not relevant to the customer journey. (The content you can stop producing.)

Once we understand how customers search and the answers they are looking for online we can develop an actionable content strategy.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy


We organize the language data into a messaging hierarchy. Essentially we outline the articles you need to create and the assets which are missing from your site.

Once we create a list of content needs, they are organized into a production calendar. This calendar prioritizes content topics based on potential impressions. We also outline the questions content must answer and strategic keywords which will help boost your site’s organic visibility.

Content Production Process


Executing a content marketing strategy is just as critical as developing one.

We don’t not write client content but we do oversee the content production process.

Writers must be able to effectively and efficiently fulfill SEO needs while creating quality content. Articles, infographics, videos, slideshows and white papers must match up with the job a reader is trying to accomplish.

How are articles reviewed?

Evolve works with industry experts, B2B writers and consumer focused writers to makes sure articles are relevant, engaging and meet brand standards.

We review articles for:

  • Readability
  • Quality/Brand Standards
  • User Flow
  • Keyword, Title and SEO Formatting
  • Customer Job Step Alignment
  • Clear Calls to Action


Evolve Digital Labs is focused on creating content that aligns with more than search queries but helps fill a need or job step. We believe that aligning content objectives with the goals consumers want to accomplish is paramount to success in digital marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about our content strategy development process or how to build a successful content strategy please feel free to reach out [email protected] or 1-844-GO-EVOLVE.

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