Derek Takes Webster University

Students enrolled in Webster University’s Management 3500 course will be in for a treat today because Derek will be dishing out his SEO expertise. Derek will be covering three main points:

1). Intro to SEO

2). How companies use SEO

3). Career opportunities in SEO

The group of students represents a variety of majors and grades, so Derek looks forward to sharing the importance and relevance of SEO to an eclectic audience. After the presentations to Webster University students, Derek will speak to the members of the marketing committee about SEO’s potency in this digital world. The rest of Team Evolve will be diligently working from home base, so we will not have the pleasure of seeing our fearless leader take charge. (But we can always just watch his Get Digital clips, and so can you!)

St. Louis is a fantastic community, and for that, we’re happy to spread SEO love all over the place. The Search industry is chugging along and gaining momentum with each query that comes through Google; the least we can do is divulge a little real-world insight to the rosy-cheeked youth in the Lou. For those who aren’t fortunate to experience Derek’s lectures, feel free to download our SEO Guide for Beginners. This document covers the basics of Search Engine Optimization in an easy-to-digest format that doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out or eat cake batter a not that we’re speaking from personal experience or anything!