Derek’s Big News: The 30-in-30 Project

Derek is requesting dares of all sorts, no matter what industry you are a part of. As he said in the video, however, they have to be able to be completed in one day because he is documenting his progress throughout the entire duration. Additionally, the challenges must somehow pertain to his abilities as a boss and business professional. In other words, Derek is probably not going to partake in the Gallon Challenge unless you can somehow convince him that it will directly improve his skills in client relationships. But of course, it doesn’t, so don’t even try. We know what you’re thinking. One realistic example would be telling him to face the criticism of his employees. After all, it’s pretty important for your employees to like you.

In Derek’s case, however, the suggestion box would be empty. Consider this an opportunity to help Derek approach age 30 like no one has ever dared. This guy is seeking homework for his birthday presents. As far as humbling birthdays go, Derek’s 30th takes the cake.