Your Audit Will…

Identify who is trying to discover you online.

A great solution starts with a complete understanding of the need. We start with an audit so we can learn what opportunities exist for your unique market. Your audit will be the foundation for strategy. Could you be missing a significant opportunity for growth and not even know it? Evolve will identify the needs and search behavior of your most valuable customer so you can better serve them online and use your website as a resource for obtaining business goals.

Finding Your Most Valuable Customer

Evolve completes a thorough keyword research report that will include the terms searched by your most valuable customer. Keyword research will identify the language used to find products and services so your website can be tailored to their behavior, language and desired outcome.

Discovering Market Size and Opportunity

Keyword research data will determine the actual size of your market by the total search terms your most valuable customers are using to complete their primary job. Determining the true market size and the competitive market can be found in the data from search volume online. Cost effective growth occurs by exhausting the growth within the primary market defined by search data. Once the primary market is maximized you can then move onto the larger and more competitive markets.

Defining Barriers to Growth

As search has become a core aspect of our daily lives, the barriers to achieving growth have intensified. Achieving website traffic and visibility requires attention to the health of your website, whose performance as a tool for growth is likely hindered by technical errors. Discovering and correcting errors will improve your website’s exposure in search engines and ability to meet the needs of your customers.

Evaluate and Analyze the Competitive Landscape

Segmenting the keywords of your most valuable customer’s language will determine the knowledge gap that exists between your customer and the path to purchase. Terms closer to the bottom of the purchase path will be more competitive than terms at the top. This part of the audit helps gauge the effort required to make your site capable of competing for top revenue-driving terms.

Your Pathway to Growth Begins with an Audit

Our audit goes far beyond title tags and redirect errors. We deliver the foundation to build a pathway to profitable growth. An audit will help you accomplish more than higher rankings – it will prepare you for online customer acquisition.