Erin Hogan’s Job Shadow Summary

Erin Hogan internEarlier this month, we had the pleasure of briefly introducing a college student to the work we do here at Evolve Digital Labs. Erin Hogan, who will be starting her final year as a Marketing major at Quincy University this fall, may not have known what she was getting herself into during her two-day job shadow, but hopefully her crash course provided an understanding of SEO, PPC, and general website marketing. Here’s a breakdown of what we put her through: 1. Introduction to SEO: Our Vice President of Digital Strategy, John, walked Erin through the basics of SEO and how it fits into a marketing strategy. Emily shared our SEO Guide for Beginners, which is a resource we have on our site for educating and building trust with visitors. 2. Overview of a website audit: Kristy, our SEO Manager, took the reins to introduce Erin to the first component of a website audit: the On-site Analysis. Kai then explained the Competitive Analysis portion, and Locke concluded the audit overview with his explanation of keyword research. 3. The next day we covered the importance of content creation. Emily showed Erin how on-site content should directly coincide with keyword research, as keywords reflect the needs of searchers. Creating content that responds to those needs will transform a website into a useful resource. 4. Outreach strategy: Once a website is equipped to answer searchers’ questions, we recommend sharing the on-site content with other websites. The benefit is two-fold: First, the website with the content piece(s) receives a link and referred traffic from an authoritative domain. Second, the external website is able to share fresh content that will benefit its audience. 5. Paid Search: Finally, Erin ventured into the world of Paid Search. Laura explained how it differs from SEO and what the value PPC (pay-per-click) ads can provide. Erin had some great things to say about her short experiences as a search marketer. Here’s a summary of her job shadowing at Evolve: This summer I received an offer to be an intern for SSM’s marketing department.  I thought about what a great opportunity it would be to learn more about different marketing strategies and meet people with similar business objectives.  I never imagined what an 8-5 job would be like.  Instead of going to bed at 2a.m. I am now tired by 10 p.m.  I just think to myself…Welcome to the real world. Not only did I get to work with SSM but I also got the amazing opportunity to shadow a few marketing companies in the area. Evolve deals with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Going into this internship, I knew very little about this type of marketing. On the first day I walked in a little nervous because I was at a new place and didn’t know anyone. By the time I got into the main room where everyone was, I no longer felt that pressure. Everyone acted as if they had already known me and welcomed me with open arms. This little gesture just shows what an amazing team Evolve has and how great they are to work with. Throughout the days I met with team members who explained exactly what their job was and answered any questions I had. It was interesting to see how much work goes into things that I click on every day without even thinking. I never realized how important search was to marketing and for companies to make money. Their job at Evolve is essential to thriving businesses. For the amount of work they do it is unbelievable how calm and laid back the work environment is! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to  learn from such a skilled and personable team. Thanks for the great experience Evolve!