Evolve’s Collective Wish List

As you know, this is the season for giving. Whether you generously splurge for loved ones, complete strangers, clients, or colleagues, the act of giving is certain to infect you with the feel-good bug (symptoms include a but are not limited to – nonchalant humming and a twinkle in your eye). This year, Evolve was all over it! We had a swell time participating in the second annual St. Louis Tweet Drive, which benefited Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army. It’s such an encouragement to see the St. Louis community tweeting (and doing) for good.

While it truly is a wonderful feeling to donate to those who are less privileged, we can’t deny that it is also pleasant to receive. It’s even nice to just dream about it. The members of Evolve were asked to contribute a short “wish list” that is now available to be viewed, shared, even acted upon if anyone feels inclined to do so (wink). After all, we’ve been pretty stinkin’ good this year.

So, Team Evolve, if you could have one thing- anything- what would it be?

Derek: I would appreciate Google’s refrainment from sabotaging our much-needed insight on particular searches. The Goog hides searches from anyone logged in to his or her Gmail account… and makes it very difficult for webmasters to understand who is visiting their site, why, how, etc. Please and thank you, Google!

Scott: I want a climb on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Nate: 2012 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper SRAM [a bike]. Why? Because it doesn’t get any better, and with this bike there are no excuses as to why you can’t win other than you’re not good enough. What a great way to know that the only one that controls your destiny is you and you alone. Makes me wanna scream out loud to think about it!

Erika: I would like Evie Garlands’s power to freeze and unfreeze time. .. and funds for yoga teacher certification.

Ashley I wish for 12 in 12! …Also, I’ll gladly be the materialistic broad. I want an iPad 2, damnit!

Emily: I would love to have a beer with Benjamin Gibbard (preferably in a dimly lit dive bar). If, however, we’re talking physical items, I would opt for the Shepard Fairey editions of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984.

It’s sort of an eclectic list, but hey – it’s who we are and it’s what makes Evolve such a sweet place to work at. Santa’s elves still have time to whip up a Christmas miracle this year, so hopefully they are checking out this blog post. Otherwise there might be some cranky Evolve-ites come Sunday morning.
Happy holidays, everyone!