Follow Finder: A Simple Twitter Tool for Network Development

When we get called upon by a client to help establish or spruce up their Twitter strategy, a consistent challenge is how to develop the network of connections. Getting followers is, of course, a primary function, but most social media experts will tell you learning to listen is a key function for success. So how do you listen? Find profiles that are contributors to your desired conversations, and follow. Right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. After a few days of searching out competitors and industry leaders, a conversation can become stale very quickly. So using a tool, as simple as Follow Finder by Google can help immensely. There are many tools like this but the simplicity of Follow Finder to me is a great appeal. By using the social graph and examining elements like followers list, this app will show you profiles that might be of benefit to follow, along with profiles with a similar list and follower makeup as your profile. By using thought leaders profiles or competitors profiles from your industry you can quickly identify those of value. I started by making a list of 5 thought leaders in your industry, for SEO; @randfish @dannysullivan @Vanessafox @dannydover @willcritchlow Next a list of 5 brands from the industry @seomoz @Sengineland @Distilled @Sewatch @Sejournal After searching these profiles, I now have a good start on what most likely will be a the top tweets in my industry. Starting to listening can help you or your brand understand how you can use Twitter effectively. It will give you a window into the different way people share content and engage effectively. No two companies are going to effectively use Twitter in the same, even within the same industry. Nobody starts with followers, but the quickest way to get them? Engage and share with unique, quality content.