Full Funnel Digital Marketing

Is your sales pipeline broken? Most data-driven marketing operations would answer “No, our sales funnel is working just fine.” But it’s possible your lead generation tools are not working as effectively or efficiently as they should be. This is especially the case if you are not using a comprehensive full funnel digital marketing strategy.


Full-funnel digital marketing is a strategic way of allocating resources and digital media budgets toward the tactics that drive effective results. 

Full funnel digital marketing is about leveraging multiple digital ad tactics to get the highest ROI while ignoring channels like TV and print (these conversions can’t be tracked!) where inefficiencies drag down lead generation volumes.

By connecting with consumers during all of their job steps across many ad channels, (define, locate, prepare, confirm, execute, monitor, modify, purchase) marketers can engage with audiences at precise moments of need. 

Customer Job Map & Full Funnel Marketing


Full funnel tactics should be used when marketers are striving to implement an effective digital strategy.

There are a couple of caveats for using full-funnel digital strategies:

  1. You must have the ability to track leads, via form submissions, CRM systems or other goal tracking methods like Google Analytics.
  2. Clear goals must be in place before beginning a full funnel campaign. This way you can evaluate the effectiveness of each tactic and track ROI.
Evolve's Approach to Full Funnel Marketing


During an Evolve audit, we conduct extensive customer language analysis to segment customers, market segments, and identify the channels for growth, both organically and for paid.

We then implement a full funnel digital marketing plan focused on lead generation and capturing the true market opportunity.

Full funnel campaign tactics include:

  • Top of the Funnel (TOFU)
    • Display Prospecting
      • Managed Placements
    • Social Prospecting
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • TwitterEvolve Full Funnel Tactics
  • Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)
    • 1st Party CRM Targeting
    • Remarketing
      • Display Remarketing
      • Search Remarketing
      • Pixel Based Remarketing
  • Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)
    • Search Engine Marketing
      • Google
      • Bing
    • Search Engine Optimization


Evolve’s campaigns use a cost-per-click structure. This way we can develop a greater understanding of the value of each lead from the funnel.

TOFU tactics, like display and video pre-roll ads, are centered around generating brand recognition while driving conversions results.

  • Video assets strengthen TOFU campaigns within Facebook and YouTube, by diversifying the media mix.
  • Targeting is set up for precise market segments by geographies and demographic data.
  • Placements for display tactics stem from historical data and additional market segmentation.

MOFU tactics focus on meeting customers on their path to purchase and include targeting via Gmail Sponsored Promotions and remarketing.

  • Remarketing can be expanded to capture users on a range of digital properties, including driving traffic to specific products or sections.

BOFU tactics are designed to capture market and impression share at an efficient rate; this includes for branded and non-branded traffic.

  • It’s critical to eliminate waste in BOFU campaigns including expanding the use of a robust negative keyword list.


Marketers can gain major efficiencies with full-funnel campaigns because once target audiences reach their decision point, they’ve already established familiarity.

Once target audiences reach their decision point, they’ve already had familiarity, exposure, and consideration for the brand. This added exposure can decrease cost per leads by as much as 15 percent.

Bottom-funnel tactics reap greatest increase in conversions, but top and mid-funnel also yield numerous conversions.

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