Editing Display URLS and Landing Page URLS

Display URLs give searchers an understanding of the domain and page they’ll arrive on after clicking the search ad.

What is a display URL

Whereas the landing page that searchers reach for the final URL tends to be more specific. If your display URL is “www.EvolveDigitalLabs.com/SeoAudit,” your final URL might be “EvolveDigitalLabs.com/Seo-Audit-PPC-Campaign-UTM”.

Display URL AdWords

The domains for the for the display and landing page URL should be the same.

Display URL and LP URL

Keep in mind Google can only show up to 35 characters of your display URL (or 20 characters for WAP mobile ads). If your display URL is longer, a shortened version will show up.

The impact of a poor display URL and low landing page experience on a quality ad group can be significant. In some cases, low landing page relevance can be improved by simply changing the landing page display URL.

To create more specific landing pages, you first create landing page URLs that match your keywords. Then, you are able to direct traffic to a specific page on your site that relates to the intended keyword phrases.

AdWords allows you to edit both display and landing page URLs individually or in bulk, and if you utilize Display Network campaigns, you can even define landing page URLs for each of the targeting methods you choose. You will find that it can be easy to use info from AdWords to change a landing page and have a profound effect on CTR and position.


How to Edit Landing Page URLs AdWords

Using the AdWords interface, you can edit the display and the destination URLs one by one. Editing URLs is an option on the ad launcher.

Follow these steps to edit URLs one at a time

  • Choose the “campaigns” tab.
  • Select the “Ads” tab.
  • Click on the specific “Ad text” you need to adjust.
  • Modify the URL.
  • Remember Google only shows 35 characters for a display URL (20 on a mobile Ad), a landing page can URL can have up to almost 2,050.
  • Don’t forget to save.


For many, the easier solution is to modify their display and destination URLs in bulk within AdWords.

How to Edit URLs in Bulk AdWords

Here’s how to edit the display URLs or landing page URLs for multiple ads at once:

  • Choose the “Campaigns”tab.
  • Click the “Ads tab.
  • Check the box next to any ads you want to edit. You can also select all ads by checking the box in the menu bar.
  • Click “Edit”then choose “Change text ads.”
  • In the window that appears, you can find and replace, add, set or change the case of your display URLs or landing page URLs.
  • Make sure to save.


Utilizing the AdWords editor desktop tool, allows you to edit both individual and bulk. Evolve recommends using the AdWords desktop tool since users can check changes before uploading them into AdWords. Additionally, you can utilize both the interface and desktop tool to remove, replace and append text within all ad copy fields.


No matter which editing method you use, the quality score of keywords within the ad group will reset when you modify the URL, so please keep this in mind before making any changes. Resetting the Quality Score will temporarily decrease traffic volume. We suggest managers increase Avg. CPCs to maintain your desired position. The duration is not finite and varies greatly based on available traffic and quality of your account.

Making adjustments, like editing your landing page URLs may seem like a small step, but it can have a significant impact on your results.

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