Why Landing Page Experience Matters

An old saying goes “you can only make one first impression, so you’d better make it a good one.” This simple idea is true in nearly all areas of life, but it’s especially true in terms of your landing page. For many, your landing page will be the first experience that they will have with your business and a poorly-designed, unfriendly page is a really efficient way to drive customers right into the arms of competitors.

Your “Landing Page Experience” is a term referring to how Google perceives the type of experience a visitor will have when they get to your page for the first time. This one core idea can affect everything from your Quality Score to your Ad Rank to your advertising costs and more. To say that improving your “Landing Page Experience” is important is something of an understatement.

Landing Page Experience

Tips for Improving Your Landing Page Experience

For starters, you should always be focused on providing useful, relevant and (most importantly) ORIGINAL content on your landing page above all else. Promote transparency whenever possible to help create the idea that your site isn’t just a source of information, but a TRUSTWORTHY one. Always make it as easy as possible for users to navigate your site, especially if they’re visiting it on mobile devices. Finally, go out of your way to do whatever you need to in order to encourage customers to spend as much time on your site as possible.

If You’re Working With Multiple Landing Pages

A sad reality is that many advertisers utilize very few, or sometimes even only one, landing page within a paid search account. Ultimately, this is only limiting the potential of what your campaigns can achieve.

You should always work to utilize multiple, unique landing pages for each keyword theme, but never take the lazy approach. Always focus on unique, relevant content that not only helps create the best possible experience for the searcher, but that also helps them accomplish whatever job they set out to do in the first place.

If you’re working with multiple landing pages and want to improve your “Landing Page Experience,” always keep these factors in mind:

  • Go out of your way to make sure that the content on your landing page is actually relevant to the ad you’re displaying, and vice versa.
  • DO NOT overwhelm your visitors with links. Visitors hate this.
  • Create a solid, logical and strategically-sound site architecture system that will help you accomplish your long-term goals.
  • Make your Calls-to-Action as clear as possible to help direct users to the exact spot you need them in next.
  • Fill your landing pages with high quality, relevant images.
  • Write a powerful heading. Write the type of heading that captures the user’s attention in a way that they’re never quite able to break away from.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit – keep it short and to the point, period.
  • Experiment with things like form length to see how they affect “Landing Page Experience.”
  • Add social buttons and other trust signals to help establish a rapport between you and your users whenever possible.

Landing Page Exp Easy to nav

Finally, always keep in mind that users have a need – a need for speed. Studies show users will flee a site as fast as they can if it takes longer than an average if three seconds to load. If your site follows all of these rules but still takes awhile to get off the ground, you still have a problem you need to solve in any way that you can.

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