The B2B industry is in a constant state of change and that can make growing a B2B business difficult for you. Being able to predict what will work over the next 3 months is difficult enough without trying to predict what the best solution will be for an entire year.

With an overwhelming amount of businesses searching online, learning the next Internet marketing fad can be increasingly difficult – and time-consuming – to keep up and grow a profitable business.

Identifying your most profitable customer and defining your online opportunities will lay the framework for a growth strategy that will grow your business profitability – with ROI as the key metric for growth – not an afterthought.

Reaching Business Goals Online

Discovering your market size will establish what kind of growth you can expect online. Through a business strategy – wasteful spending will be identified and limited from targeting the wrong customers. Discovering your most valuable customer through the process of market discovery will contribute to smart marketing investment. Knowing whom to target will allow you to understand how to target your primary customer by using their language and delivering the solution to their problem.

Being in the right place, with the right messaging, and delivering the best solution for your primary customer is how your online opportunities can be defined. Aligning your business goals with this opportunity is how you can identify revenue growth potential.

Online Lead Generation Machine

After learning the opportunities available for growth and who is your primary customer – improving your website performance is the next priority. Refine your customer path to purchase and fix any leaks that exist in the path to purchase.

Potential customers visit your site because they are looking for a solution to their job and they believe that your product will provide them with their desired outcome. Your website should provide them with all the necessary information in the process of making a buying decision – whether that is on a landing page or through the creation of supplemental content – your customer path should be leak proof and lead the visitor to make a purchase.

Through analytics data, you will see where these leaks occur and where your successes exist. Using this user behavior information you will be able to determine where and how to improve your website performance to build an online lead generation machine.

Online Marketing Channel Success

Once your website has successfully become an online lead generation machine for all your potential customers to come to, you will need to be in a position to drive them there. This can be achieved by discovering the language they are using online through keyword research. Keyword research allows you to understand which part of the sales funnel your most valuable customers reside and use targeted messaging to deliver the solution to their problem.

Show up organically for those keywords through the use of SEO. Develop a content strategy for your audience to find you and be the outcome they are seeking. You can also bring in those visitors through the use of Pay Per Click advertising. Since you know the language of your customer, you can eliminate wasteful keywords that fail to deliver the ROI and profitability your business desires.

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