Introducing the SEO Audit Resources page


This summer has been pretty monumental for Evolve. Just a couple of weeks ago we packed up our laptops, whiteboards, and any beers we had lurking in the fridge of our downtown office and migrated to our new digs in marvelous Maplewood. We’re loving the high ceilings, which Emily swears contributes to loftier thinking, and the open layout. Mostly we’re excited to have a space to make our own. More on that later (although we did sneak a couple of pics in this post for your viewing pleasure).



Besides enhancing our workspace, we’re also making some much-needed tweaks to our dot-com. The mission of Evolve Digital Labs has always been to transfer the knowledge of SEO to those we interact with so they feel confident in the strategies we’re teaching. Part of that includes refining our digital space into a reliable hub of information for visitors and clients. Because the SEO Audit is such a critical step to any SEO process, we have decided to assemble a resource page dedicated specifically to this service.


SEO Audit Resource Intro

Click here to visit the SEO Audit Resources page. This industry is always changing (er, evolving), so we’ll continue updating the links as needed. If you’ve come across any other useful resources for audits, give us a shout on Twitter.