Introducing the SEO Guide for Beginners

During the Get Digital Seminar earlier this month, Derek mentioned that Evolve has been preparing an SEO Guide for Beginners. While it will never be fully completed (this industry, after all, is known to evolve), we are pleased to finally present a 29-page guide that is sure to get you started on the right track.

Within this document, you will discover a thorough overview of how search engines actually function, as well as how you can rework your site to make it flourish in search engines. Without a thorough understanding of this, it is difficult to know how you can achieve higher rankings on Search Engine Results Pages. The SEO Guide delves further into developer jargon and techniques that may otherwise be difficult to comprehend. Additionally, we have presented summaries of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, and how they work together to produce an industry that we call Search.

Within this guide, you’ll be able to find the answers to these questions:

– How do search engines know which sites to display on the results pages?
– How can my site rank higher?
– What is the purpose of keywords? How can I use them?
– What is the difference between organic and paid ranking?
– What is link building?
– How can a Pay-Per-Click campaign influence my site optimization?

And much, much more.

It is our hope that you will completely consume and digest the contents of this guide. Whether you are a student, a business owner, or simply interested in this industry, the SEO Guide for Beginners is a tool that will help you connect the dots and truly understand an industry that can often be perceived as intimidating. The document is available for anyone and everyone to download from this site, so go ahead; take a look and enjoy!