JTBD – A Lesson About Milkshakes That Can Grow Your Business

JTBD (short for “Jobs To Be Done”) theory and practice was introduced to Evolve Digital Labs in 2013. It changed how we approach digital marketing and business strategy. We now use it to help our clients attain growth that was previously thought impossible.

Leveraging JTBD can transform your business.

It is a framework we use for our own business as well as clients who are seeing results that exceed their expectations.

Browse around our site & social feeds and you’ll see “JTBD” “Jobs To Be Done” and “Outcome-Driven Innovation” “ODI” used frequently. It is not our intention to be that one friend who talks about their other friends that you don’t know in such a casual way that it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.

That can feel very abstract – especially at first. Preaching about the benefits of JTBD can reach some. In order to truly expand the reach of our vision of how it can best be used to strengthen the online presence of your company and ultimately, of your business’ growth, we prefer to build a mosaic. By giving our audience smaller digestible pieces, we are confident that putting them together results in an understanding of the bigger picture.

Milkshakes vs Bananas

Scroll down through the example below.

The story is not of an Evolve Digital Labs case study, but helps communicate an important aspect of what a JTBD perspective can reveal.

Mind-boggling insights can be uncovered with the right mindset. Entertainment factor aside, those insights are opportunities for businesses to leverage for growth that was previously unimaginable.

Jobs To Be Done with Evolve Digital Labs