Keyword Planning for Efficiency

Make no mistake about it: one of the single most important tools that modern-day marketers have in their arsenal comes by way of the AdWords Keyword Planner.


This allows advertisers to quickly and efficiently research and select new keywords that can then be effortlessly incorporated into new or existing paid search campaigns. The Keyword Planner also helps advertisers complete the structuring process for their campaigns, ad groups, match type designation and more.


If you want to sync keyword forecasts and save keywords to your account, you’ll need to complete a few key steps.

  • Open the AdWords Keyword Planner and select the appropriate option under the header reading “Find New Keywords and Get Search Volume Data.” This will allow you to begin researching your keyword ideas for ones that best help you accomplish your goals.
  • If you want to add either an ad group or a keyword idea to your larger plan, start by clicking the “Double Arrows” or “>>” button. This will allow you to take historical statistics that appear in the table to help decide which ad groups or keywords are truly good ideas that will add to your plan, and which ones may not give you the types of results you really want.
  •  Once you’ve finished building your plan, click the button labeled “Get Detailed Forecasts.” This will generate a projected performance of all the keywords you have selected, giving you a pretty actionable idea of how things will go down moving forward.
  • Once you’ve reviewed your estimates and you’re satisfied with everything you’ve seen, click the button labeled “Save to Account” to save your keywords.

The “Review Forecasts” window will give you a graph with a range of maximum CPC (cost-per-click) bids, traffic forecasts for those bids and other pieces of information.


If you want to get even more detailed forecasts in the table, enter a custom max CPC bid in the box labeled “Enter a Bid.” To see forecasts for a particular bid and budget, enter both bid and budget.

If your plan is to add these keywords to a new campaign, be sure to enter a name for the campaign, a daily budget and an ad group default bid for the sake of completeness.

To add these keywords to a campaign that already exists, select either the option labeled “Add as new ad group(s)” or “Add to an existing ad group” depending on which is more relevant. Once you’ve done that, you can select the campaign you want to add your keywords to, specify your ad group default bid and more on the next page.


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