Killing and Empowering the Marketing Birds with One Stone

As a business owner or manager, you cannot deny the fact that you always want your employees working hard and you want your website (that beloved 24-hour employee) working even harder. As ambassadors of your brand, both your website and your employees are key components to generating profit. As their leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure they have the necessary means to do perform their duties.


Here’s my question to you : What would you be willing to give your employees in order to receive the greatest ROI? A few things that might come to mind:

  1. Money.

Yeah you’ll fork out that bonus if they can meet your goals, but HOW are you preparing your employees to meet those goals?

  1. Nothing.

How about they just do better because it’s their job, right? (This mindset doesn’t usually work.) The third option may not be on your radar – if it is, you may not be sure how to execute it.


  1. Resources.

And by resources, I mean content. Give your employees the type of content they can really leverage. The type of content they understand and they can stand behind. Here’s the best part : you only need to create this type of content once, and I’ll show you how to use it to knock out three important birds. Why should you put forth the time and investment to create these unique documents full of useful consumer information and unique selling points? Fair question. Let’s look at the birds together.

Visual of the different ways you can empower your brand through content


Sales. Start with your front line. The employee who needs supporting documents and he needs them fast. More specifically he needs the exact material the prospect is looking for in order to close the deal. Give it to him. Make it a few clicks away so he can deliver this to the prospect so quickly that he is still on the phone with the individual when it comes through their mailbox. This comes back to content creation. You have to create these materials and no one knows your brand better than you and your team. So put your heads together, conquer the most FAQs with easily digestible material, get it branded and make it your employees’ number one ally. We strive to do this at Evolve; the latest piece we published for the public is a tool for performing your own SEO audit. For those less aware of SEO, we invite them to download our Beginner’s Guide. Note: The easily digestible part is imperative. If you send over pages of PDFs filled to the margins with copy, you’re going to lose the prospect’s attention, AKA the sale. Instead use:

  • bullet points
  • infographics
  • images
  • headlines

They’ll love you for it, AKA buy your product or service. Website. Your website is highly important. At first glance, maybe it does answer all of your questions. But let’s face it you really shouldn’t have that many questions because you know all the ins and outs. However the exact type of person you WANT to purchase your product or service isn’t quite as lucky to already have that information in their arsenal. So how about we consider giving it to them? Let’s give them the exact documents we are talking about above : all I want you to do is make them available on your website. Go through the buying cycle on your site, from all perspectives (new buyer, returning visitor, etc.) and figure out at what point they are going to have questions and then place a link or a download to the information on your website.  Make sure those resources are top level because they will definitely be top of mind for your prospect. Search. You’re going to love this : by simply writing about what it is that your company offers and answering your customers’ questions (the documents we discussed above), you have already optimized your website for what your prospects will be searching. These documents might require additional optimization (and no, not keyword stuffing) just to make sure they are easily found, but you’ve got the hard part out of the way by already having the content created. Once you house these resources on your website, you have given the search engine robots the authority to go in and crawl all over those documents. They pull out the relevant information and then make your documents and in turn, your company, a search engine result for ANYONE looking for that information. Then what happens? Rankings start to increase and then… so do sales. As a business owner you cannot ignore the fact that your employees are your most valuable assets. It is important to keep them informed, educated and prepared for each and every day. If by doing so, you can also reap the benefits of a fully flushed out resource section on your website and a jump in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) then you’ve empowered quite a few birds with just one stone. Written by Ashley Hamilton. Find her on Twitter!