Microsoft’s Purchase of Skype and What it means…

Buying Skype gives Microsoft a connection to 8.8 million paid accounts along with about 660 million other users worldwide. This is unlike Microsoft, which is not known for its big splash purchases. Most recently Microsoft has stepped up their marketing and search efforts with Bing. Just a few weeks ago Bing released a new webmasters tool to compete with Google and connect with website owning world. Microsoft has successfully chipped away over the past year, but the “goog” still dominates the search world with more than 65% of U.S. searches via their dot com.

So why would they invest and take a risk on such huge investment?

Connectivity is a simple way to look at it. Something that works across platforms, on mobile and is universal to users is not typically what these guys do. As we inch towards our phones, tv’s, and computers all being one. It might be more crucial than ever to own important pieces to the connectivity pie, which Skype has proven itself to be just that. Microsoft is great at building software but not always at innovation.