Create Video Marketing That YouTube Loves: Write for Benefits, Action, and Emotion

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“We need a Video Marketing campaign.”

Does that phrase sound familiar? Of course, it does. It’s 2018 and Video Marketing is the name of the game. Every brand is producing it and every customer is consuming it. But, just like standard search engine optimization tactics, it took years for marketers to perfect and turn into a science.

Even with a multitude of brands paving the way to success, the content marketing world is still seeing a tremendous amount of wasted spend. We want you to avoid that mistake.

If your business is looking to find growth and profits with video marketing, your content has to be able to show up in search results, but more importantly, it needs to expose itself to your true audience and create engagement. This is the key to video marketing success and the heart of what we’re going to cover in this week’s blog.

Over the last two years, the world has seen an absolute explosion in the amount of video marketing and the ever-increasing styles to deliver your content to consumers. So much so, that…

quote 87% of marketers are using online video content to engage their audience

87% of marketers are using online video content to engage their audience.

Before your company spends the money to produce your next video marketing campaign for your business or your clients, your marketing team needs to fully understand how YouTube and search engines rank content. We’ll lay out the steps your team can take to guarantee your video marketing is optimized for user-engagement and profits, so you can be confident it won’t get lost in the sea of competition.

If your business is looking for tips to work smarter, not harder, and improve your search engine rankings and increase profits, the Google Partners at Evolve Digital Labs have produced this framework on the must know tips for Video Marketing success.

Review the blog, download the additional content, and show it to your marketing team so your business can increase revenue by producing user-friendly video marketing content.

Every day, your customers are being constantly bombarded by different tutorials, explainer videos, educational content, and branding entertainment. So, how do you cut through the clutter?

Optimize Your Video Marketing for User-Engagement

Every search engine’s number one goal is to make money, just like your business. The more views and engagements a video acquires, the more ad space they are able to sell.

Therefore, your company’s video marketing success is dependent on two things. Conventional SEO practices like relevance and keyword usage. For example, if you’re a t-shirt manufacturer and trying to create a series of content based around your clothing, your marketing team must insert relevant keywords like “comfortable” or “cool” in the title of the video and in the video description. These grasp your audience’s attention while allowing search engines to place you in front of the right audience.

However, the most important factor for your video marketing content to be successful is the amount of User Engagement.

What is User Engagement?

User engagement is essentially how a visitor or consumer interacts with any piece of content your company produces. This includes the number of views, likes, shares, and comments.

Truly great video content produces millions of views, responses, and shares from your audience, and in the video ranking game, this is even more important than your conventional search engine optimization tactics.

How to Optimize Video Marketing for User Engagement?

Less is more. Content marketing has never been about quantity, no matter what some marketers tell you, Video Marketing has always been and will always be about quality and the ability to relate emotionally to your audience.

The most successful content marketers engage with their audience in three specific ways:

  • They Create Videos for Benefits

  • They Create Videos for Action

  • They Create Videos for Emotion

How many times have you been listening to your favorite music or podcast on YouTube, only to come back to reality minutes, maybe even hours later realizing you’ve been sucked into a series of emotionally gripping pieces of content that you weren’t even looking for, then shared it with every friend or family member you can think of.

That’s a clear-cut example of how a tailored and engaging video marketing strategy can affect consumer behavior.

Never before have marketers been able to transform themselves into storytellers in this manner. Consumers in our era aren’t looking to be engaged or sold to online. That’s an immediate turn-off. They’re looking to be entertained and educated.

We’re seeing a true innovation in mobile and desktop marketing because of video’s ability to give marketers the opportunity to seamlessly bridge the gap between advertising and entertainment.

Brands that are embracing content innovation are no longer selling to consumers, they’re giving their customers an education, a relatable and empathetic experience, and from that are organically increasing sales. If your business can strategize your video marketing right, the relationship doesn’t end with just the message you presented, it continues and becomes a part of your consumer’s everyday life. They seek you out instead of the other way around.

To put it bluntly, video marketing is the millennials’ version of cold-calling, it’s just transformed into something much more user-friendly and tailored to each individual.

Any successful content writer will tell you, the golden rule for video marketing success is show, don’t tell. I call it show, don’t sell.

In our day in age, one piece of quality video marketing content can take a completely unknown brand and instantly catapult them into becoming a household name.

Take Tommy John for example.

tommy john logo

Just about two years ago, this seemingly unknown underwear manufacturer decided to innovate their content and marketing strategy by showing and not selling, and it has paid off enormously.  

They could have taken a sales-based marketing approach with their content and told their prospective customers that their undergarments were made of proprietary materials that were incredibly comfortable. But, everyone does that!

Instead, their marketing team researched their consumer’s problems with their current undergarments. They were uncomfortable, they bunched, they pinched, and this led to generations of people being unsatisfied with their underwear.

Well, if you watch their video campaigns, they show how these situations have negatively affected all of our lives at one point or another. No matter your age, race, or gender, or nationality, everyone has had to “re-adjust” their underwear in public and been caught doing it at an inopportune time.

Because of that uncomfortable and socially awkward experience that we all can relate to, they decided to produce an absolutely brilliant stream of relatable, funny, and shareable content that produced enormous sales. People wanted to experience what a life without uncomfortable underwear was like, and the sales are proof that their strategy worked.

The success of their video marketing content has led to a growth of 2.5% year over year, and by the end of 2018, the company will be valued at over $100 million. That’s the beauty of video marketing when it’s done right.

Every Video Marketing Campaign Must Be:

  • Data-Driven
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Conversational
  • Educational
  • Emotional

Let’s delve a little farther into each segment…

video marketing section header reading 1 data-driven

Data-Driven Video Content

Video Marketing success is dependent on having great creative assets, yes, but you must also remember, it’s also driven by big data.

Your marketing team must research your customers and study hundreds to thousands of relevant keywords and search phrases that address their desired “jobs-to-be-done” or “problems-they-want-solved.” If you want to avoid waste, your brand has to take that leap into their psyche.

A content creator’s most valuable asset isn’t their creativity or a brainstorm session, the most valuable aspect is having factual evidence of what your customer is searching for online.

That data becomes the muse that’s whispering into your creative team’s ears on what to create. If you’re producing video marketing content any other way, you’re simply just guessing. Throwing ideas at the wall is not a predictable strategy for growth, it’s a predictable strategy for failure.

When your team reverse engineers the process by studying actual user problems you’re speaking to an audience that is already yearning for content catered to solve their problems and complete the jobs they want completed.

For your next video marketing campaign, focus on the end goal your customer wants instead of focusing on your product or services, then base your creative video marketing strategy off that.

video marketing section header reading 2 mobile optimized

Mobile Optimized

The age of mobile is upon us, and if your marketing team is not optimizing your website and its video content for these platforms then they’re doing your brand a tremendous disservice.

Short and sweet is the name of the game to success. Cater to your customer’s user-experience and the environment in which they’re consuming. Think about the screen size of most smartphones. Even the new iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy and their larger screens are still relatively small compared to laptops, tablets or TVs.

Seeing that one-half of all video content is viewed on people’s mobile devices, your company has to keep that in mind when strategizing your video marketing content plan.

  • Minimize scrolling.
  • Frame your videos correctly for mobile.
  • Make sure your content is easily watchable.
  • Provide clear calls-to-action.
  • Give them the ability to share and comment seamlessly.

To delve further into the stats, ninety-percent of people that enjoy a video on mobile are going to share that content with another user. That kind of growth is incredible! So make sure you’re optimizing so your content can be shared.

Another trait to successful content marketing, try to make your video content watchable without sound. This might seem like a small aspect, but it’s very rewarding to give your users the ability to watch your video on-the-go and not cause distractions. If you can successfully complete that, you’re thinking ahead of the curve and simplifying your customer’s user experience.

video marketing section header reading 3 conversational

Conversational Video Content

The purpose of any piece of content is to achieve growth for your brand. The optimal way to do that is to produce shareable content that your consumers are going to send to their friends, their friends-friends, and every family member they can think of. If it’s rewarding, they’ll talk about it.

anheuser busch logo

Take Vayner Media’s Anheuser-Busch ad, “Harry Caray’s Last Call” for example. Now, AB is anything but new to successful content marketing. As a brand, they’ve been producing viral video content for years, despite some misses, but hey, nobody can bat for 1000%.

Whether you love or hate baseball, the Chicago Cubs, or Harry Caray you have to give it up for Vayner Media’s ability to capitalize on a truly monumental moment in baseball and in Chicago’s history.

Because of their timing, and the fact that America, beer, and baseball go hand in hand, this became the most talked about piece of video marketing content in 2016. So much so that it won YouTube ad of the year in 2016.

evolve video marketing section header reading 4 educational

Educational Video Content

When you think about how an education-based brand can grow online, there’s no company who corners the educational video content market better than Kahn Academy.

This non-profit education platform has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity over the last two years in their attempt to provide free education for the entire world, and they’ve done it all through strategic video content.

The marketers at Kahn studied the education sector across the globe and researched its many problems. They recognized two key elements that were missing:

  • The lack of technology used to spread education.
  • Education systems weren’t bridging the gap between education and entertainment.

Kids, teens, and adults alike, if you can give people the chance to learn something in an entertaining way, they’re going to want to learn, not feel the need to have to learn.

All of Kahn’s content is easy to watch and seamless to share with any classmate, friend, or family member. These are all key factors to their success. Because who doesn’t love the chance to teach someone something new and then tell them they owe it all to you.

evolve video marketing section header reading 5 emotional

Emotional Video Content

The most successful type of video marketing is without a doubt emotional-based content. If your brand wants to increase profits and awareness your team must cater to your customer’s emotional touchpoints.

This year’s recent launch of the Apple HomePod was just another example of boundary-pushing video content that was incredibly successful in impacting its audience’s emotions.

apple gray logo

In fact, this new music-video/product marketing piece from Spike Jonze actually hit on each and every one of the important video marketing aspects. It is data-driven (Apple knows voice devices are the future), it’s mobile optimized (easily watchable), it’s conversational (a visually stunning music video and product placement in one), it’s educational (shows the new product), but most importantly it’s emotional.

This video touched on the relatable aspects that music and voice devices can bring to prospective users. The Apple HomePod can fix your worst days and make you forget about all your problems.

Every customer watching can relate to coming home wiped after a long day at work. You fought traffic or the rat-race that is public transportation, and when you finally get home, you just want to be taken to your happy place. Well, that’s exactly what Apple and Mr. Jonze did. They showed the world how this new product from Apple can improve all of our lives without having to do anything.

quote reading video marketing produces 1200% more shares than text and images combined

Video marketing produces 1200% more shares than text and images combined

Tips to Create Engaging Marketing Videos:

Well, for starters do you already have a blog?

If so, your marketing team has a wealth of concepts and ideas at their disposal. Creating successful content isn’t just about churning out new-piece after new-piece.

Your team has to work smarter, not harder in order to innovate. The optimal way to do that is to repurpose your best-performing blogs and dissect the most need-to-know information, then manipulate it into short, entertaining and engaging videos that provide value to your users.

Think about how you can present the message differently to your audience and complete their “jobs-to-be-done”.

Don’t forget to:

  • Research Your Customers
  • Formulate A Strategy
  • Produce Quality Content Over Quantity
  • Show, Don’t Sell
  • Upload Content to Multiple Platforms
  • Test, Test, Test

Creating Video Marketing is the same process as creating blogs or written ads. You need to study your customer base and their habits. Remember the successful brands we talked about earlier and what they did. They researched first, asked questions, then created.

“What is your customer’s ‘job-to-be-done’?”

“What are your customer’s problems they’re searching for?”

If you and your marketing team can successfully answer these questions, you’ll be able to understand your true market and then produce quality video content that your audience actually cares about and won’t just hit the skip button or close the browser.

New Content Platforms and Strategies to Be Aware Of:

  • 360 Video Content
  • Video Email Campaigns
  • Live Video
  • VR (Virtual Reality Content)

360 Video Content: The use of 360 cameras allows your audience to view an immersive space. We’re seeing them increasingly popular in the retail industry, especially with brands like Ikea improving the shopping experience by having the ability to design a home interior and see what furniture will look like before purchasing.

Video Email Campaigns: A strategic email campaign can nurture customers once you have their information. Instead of using written content, try using video funnels to drive audiences to your brand.

Live Video: Many social media platforms are making moves to improve their user’s experience by eliminating advertising in their social feeds. This means live streaming services on Facebook and Twitter are becoming quite common for marketers to engage with their audience. It’s a growing trend, consumers watch live videos three times more than standard video content, which could give your brand a huge opportunity to share your message.

Virtual Reality Content: Is one of the latest platforms in video marketing, but it has the potential to lead the way in 2019. Once a user-friendly VR headset is productized we should see this change the digital marketing landscape once again. Think about how your business can use this technology to get a head-start.

With the proper video content framework, your brand’s video marketing innovation will allow your business to better serve your customers by removing their barriers and addressing all their unmet needs.

I’ll leave you with one quote that every marketer should hold dear when producing profitable Video Marketing Campaigns:

quote reading People don't want a quarter inch drill they want a quarter inch hole

People don’t want a quarter inch drill they want a quarter inch hole.

Innovation is having a deep understanding of the job your customer is trying to get done, and then doing it for them.

In Conclusion…

Before your company makes any moves to create the next viral marketing YouTube campaign, take a step back and make sure your brand’s content is:

  • Data-Driven
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Conversational
  • Educational
  • Emotional

For a more in-depth education into Video Marketing Strategy and how it can grow your brand and increase your profits:

If managing your company’s Video Content sounds like something outside of your wheelhouse, let’s chat. Evolve Digital Labs is here to help.

Did you enjoy the read? Please, let us know. If not, let us know too. We want to hear from you so Evolve can innovate our content and improve your journey to success in digital marketing.

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