No, You Don’t Get it- Good SEO IS building a stronger brand.

Good SEO IS building a stronger brand.

In this article on, Erik Kain wrote that brands should focus less on SEO efforts, or as he put it, “the whims of SEO,“ and more on building brand loyalty via social media. To the average person, this probably sounds like a remarkable revelation. “But of course!” you exclaim. “SEO is for chumps. This is the era of social media, and I’m going to embrace that.” Well, before you shut down your Google Analytics account or recycle our SEO Guide for Beginners, we want to blow your mind one more time. If you can handle it. The way Evolve sees it, SEO is building brand loyalty. It’s a simple concept, really: generate quality content that serves a purpose and helps people a and reap the benefits via increases in domain authority and rankings. Unfortunately SEO can be perceived as content or link farming, and we admit that About.comas model isn’t one we would recommend. For the most part, that site is a library of mediocre articles written by college kids who couldn’t find a summer job. The average brand, however, doesn’t have to cover such a wide range of topics. Stick to what you know and commit to generating share worthy, link worthy content. This post isn’t so much a blatant argument against Erik Kain as it is a challenge to perceive SEO as more than publishing keyword-saturated copy. If you consistently focus on solving problems for your customers or readers, success will follow. Success in the form of links, better rankings, higher domain authority, and conversions. Google isn’t subtly hinting at you to bring your A Game; it’s demanding that you do. Let us also point out that using keywords properly isn’t cheating. Keywords help us understand what kinds of questions to answer. To ignore that insight and simply dabble on Twitter seems like a wasted opportunity. We’ll continue riding on the “whims of SEO,” which is the kind of poetic phrase I would admire if it weren’t so condescending. Speaking of condescending, we’ve thrown together a nice flow chart, which you can download below. It’s more for our humor than to be used as a literal guide, but we think it gets our point across.

“Build brand loyalty with SEO” flow chart