Not Provided Podcast: The Future of SEO as a Revenue Opportunity

This week, Derek was excited to join the guys on the Not Provided Podcast, a podcast covering social media, SEO, and all things digital marketing. We met Damon Gochneaur, one of the hosts, at State of Search 2013.

The topic of the podcast, The Future of SEO as a Revenue Opportunity, expanded on our presentation at State of Search and focused on several things including the evolution of SEO as an industry.

The podcast covers:

  • What to expect after clients rank #1 for their search terms a where does the relationship go from there? Learn why SEO as an industry must evolve and how Evolve Digital Labs transitioned to become a partner to our clients a focusing on business objectives such as outcomes and growth, rather than rankings.
  • How to create a common language between online marketing and business operations, and how to apply the tactics of SEO for business growth.
  • Why Evolve focuses on health care as an industry, and the specific challenges and opportunities that come with health care marketing.

Check out the podcast to learn all these things and more a and a special thanks to Not Provided for inviting us to join the show this week.

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