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Segmentation & selection

Customer maps

Channel awareness plan

Investment strategy

Engagement model

Minimally viable product

Build a strategic framework

Your most valuable customer is consuming content and conducting searches online every day. These potential customers are in search of an outcome, not just a specific product or service. Your online growth strategy will create the framework to answer customers’ questions and facilitate the tasks they need to complete.

Target audience

Selecting the most valuable customer as a target audience is not a tough decision. Learn how finding them online can be just as easy. Our market segmentation will empower messaging, media buying, and asset development.

Online customer experience

Get the blueprint on what, how and when to build the customer experience that helps the customer get the job done better. Most companies compete online with the exact same tools and capabilities, learn how to stand out and attract more of the customers you want.

Goals and projections

Lead the budget discussion and growth projections with confidence. Investment models by marketing channel focus the campaign resources on the optimal spend.

Target Audience

Launch a campaign with purpose. Start with the right priority and advocates to ensure success by aligning business and customer needs. Digital strategy can be executed pain free.

Connect with your most valuable customers

Cable One launched 4 product campaigns that reached daily goals in the second week and achieved a 10% conversion rate in less than 6 months.


brand conversion rate


reduction in cost-per-lead

Critical steps

Implement strategic framework

Build campaign assets

Execute campaign placement

Prioritize need and opportunity

Optimize framework

Refine growth strategy