Paid Search Management & PPC Budget Flighting

One of the constant battles that marketers find themselves in involves striking a balance between controlling how much of their budget is spent over short periods and still reaching the most engaged audience possible. For those worried about how their messaging may be failing to deliver the expected results, they’re after, PPC flighting is a term they’ll want to learn about.

PPC Budget Flighting Example

The marketing media flighting definition is simply “the allocation of more dollars in specific time frames than others.” If you have seasonal products, run annual or semi-annual sales at particular times or have other pricing and promotions tied to a unique time on the calendar, PPC flighting can be a useful way to help increase AdWords investments at this valuable time and expand your reach in the process.

Think of budget flighting in this way: HR&Block or other tax service preparers should ramp up their digital & PPC campaign spends from late December to Mid-April. However, they should budget less money in the summer or and fall, as the need for their products and services is much lower during those seasons.


As with most marketing techniques, there are a few major considerations that you’ll need to make for successful budget flighting. These include:

  • The seasonality of your product offerings
  • Budget constraints that you may have during these periods
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Historic performance during these periods
  • Expected media spend


When you set your PPC budget, you typically follow this core equation:

Monthly Search Volume X Average CPC X 3% CTR

Though the specifics may vary, this is usually a good starting point to find out how much money you should be spending. Based on this, you can strategically flight your budget with an eye towards your return on investment by considering the following criteria:

  • Lead to Acquisition. What rate are you converting leads into acquisitions?
  • Cost Per Lead. How much money are you spending to acquire each new lead?
  • Cost Per Acquisition. How much money are you spending to acquire each new customer?


By flighting your budget during the busy season and paying attention to these core metrics, you can get a better understanding of just how this powerful PPC concept can pay off for you.

If you feel like you may be wasting money with ineffective PPC budget strategies, budget flighting for PPC is one of the single best ways to increase the return on investment for your campaigns and help with paid search budget management at the same time.

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