Reasons for an SEO Audit…

Discover the top 5 reasons for an SEO Audit. There are many reasons a business may need an SEO Audit. Perhaps they are having trouble determining what is behind a drop in sales or have seen a dramatic drop in conversions. Sometimes business leaders and marketers make assumptions about the causes.

Reasons for an SEO Audit

At Evolve Digital Labs we eliminate that guesswork. Our SEO audit services expose the data behind sluggish markets and business obstacles.

Many businesses come to Evolve Digital Labs after they have experienced

  • Declining Sales

    Fewer phone calls, fewer onsite conversions

  • Significant Brand or Product Updates

    Launch a new product or service

  • Industry Disruption

    Seismic shifts in traditional industries often require analysis

  • Major Website Changes

    Major site improvements or launch of a new site may require an audit


Before we get to the reasons for an audit, let us first start with the question “what is an SEO Audit?”

An SEO Audit is an intricate and painstaking process to define the “Search Engine friendliness” of a website.

Evolve Digital Labs SEO Audits always include:

  • An onsite technical assessment
  • Insights on page optimization and user experience
  • Granular data on where pages rank within search engines
  • Customer language analysis on how people search for your products and services

These are the top 5 reasons your business may need an SEO Audit.


For success in virtually every endeavor, you must have goals. That mantra applies to digital strategy and Search Engine Optimization (and life!).

Organizations which line up their business KPIs to actual business goals are more likely to see growth and success because they are tracking metrics that support their tactics and vice versa. 

The dashboard below is a great SEO Audit example for lining up KPIs with business goals.

To make a profit, you may need to gain 100 new customers a year at a cost-per-lead of $1,500. Our SEO audit will highlight ways to implement a new dashboard and reveal the metrics that matter for growth online.


It’s important to realize that success in digital looks different. Traditional ads via Billboards, TV and Print can help brand awareness but can not be tracked as effectively as digital.

A client recently hosted an event, which several new leads attended. The client asked attendees if they’d heard about the brand via a billboard, airport ad or commuter train wrap? The attendees all said a digital ad piqued their interest.

This anecdote is a perfect example of the effectiveness of digital advertising, be it Google AdWords, Social channels or apps.

Campaigns can be tracked and attributed with great precision. Success in digital is different yet attainable because there is insight for action.

Our SEO Audit will help you do two things:

  1. Prioritize your marketing mix
  2. Align tactics and resources for investment


An SEO evaluation will expose the market opportunity. You will learn how people search for your product and other competitors in your industry.

Informed by deep-dive keyword research, our audit will expose the businesses and sites that are dominating on Search Engine Results Pages, including those serving paid ads.

By exposing the sites which have the greatest click share and top rankings, we’ll be able to determine your true market.


The true market is the “sweet spot” for your business. This sweet spot will be a part of our focus for optimization, digital campaign planning, and online digital strategy.

We’ll also be able to identify threats in your marketplace that may be impacting your brand’s ability to rank.


Automated SEO audit tools don’t get the job done. I will say it again. Automated SEO audit tools do not provide enough insight into effective digital strategy. Here an analogy – I could go out and get the top of the line dental drill and accompanying tools. Are you ready for me to put a crown on that tooth of your’s?

SEO auditing requires human evaluation and experience. The information from keyword research is valuable, but can’t be automated to return high-quality results.

Once an SEO audit is performed and optimizations are put into place automated SEO maintenance tools like Yoast Plugins or Moz can be used to make sure a site continues to rank organically.


Spending a significant amount of time and money on a new website only to have 404 errors and redirect issues can be maddening.

Google’s continued focus on mobile experience and site speed are critical factors in ranking online.

It is vital to understand the technical issues holding back your site and how to overcome those challenges.

Below are just a few of the technical SEO audit components Evolve Digital Labs provides.

  • Site Speed

    Users will leave a site that doesn’t load in three seconds.

  • Pages Not Found

    Pages that don’t load or direct to error pages will not boost rankings, or prompt site visitors to return.

  • Context Indexed By Search Engines

    There are a number of issues which could cause pages to not be indexed. We’ll identify what’s missing and how to fix. it.


The Evolve Digital Labs audit is not meant to expose issues. That means we are not auditing a site with the single goal of finding problems. We are auditing a site with the goal of finding solutions to major barriers which are limiting your business’s ability to rank online.

Our audit exposes the issues, we provide a playbook with the solutions, and then serve as a partner to implement the fixes.