Generating More Customers

Your website’s purpose is to work for you. Its job is to accommodate customer online any any hour. But not every website is equipped to appropriately guide visitors to a sale – or even capture traffic in the first place. People are searching for a solution and your website should be the means through which they turn into customers.

Discover your website’s opportunity

To generate customers, you first need to receive visitors to your site. Before investing in various channels and strategies for driving traffic, it is essential to focus on the state of your site. Search engine’s ranking algorithms are increasingly intuitive about searchers’ behavior patterns. To ensure your website has the greatest potential to achieve greater rankings for key terms, the on-site analysis portion of a website audit will explain what steps you need to take. In addition to ranking for search terms, your website’s pages will be strategically optimized for conversions.

The right traffic leads to customers

When you have a fuller understanding of a customer’s search behavior, you can more effectively communicate solutions to their queries. This insight benefits your paid search campaigns by allowing your organization to target a specific niche that is the most likely to respond to a call to action. Ranking for a specific service, product, or problem is most often a time-consuming task. While you work to improve your website with detailed pages that relate to specific terms, you can still capture an audience through paid search.

Keywords affect every aspect of an online strategy. With the ability to measure user behavior, it is easy to learn quickly which terms lead to customer acquisition. By segmenting the purchase stages of your primary customer, you can tailor messaging in paid advertisements, landing pages, and on-site calls to action to most effectively turn leads into customers.

Applying market research to online strategy

As a part of our strategy process, Evolve maps out what pages need to exist in order for quality leads to become customers. We look at how competitors are messaging to consumers and how their website asks for the sale. From that market research, we distill strengths and weaknesses to apply to your own website. If you want to generate customers, you will have to have a better strategy in place than your competition. We can make that happen.