Improve Your Website Performance

On-site improvement affects the technical function of your website, how and where your website is found, and how effectively it generates revenue. Without understanding what changes to make to your website, your business will struggle to reach business goals online.

Improving On-site Performance

A website audit will report underlying issues that hinder success. Errors that are typically found include duplicate content, redirecting errors, and even issues with your links. There are many outside factors that working against you for better website performance, why let the things that you can control be one.

Outside of technical errors, performing an audit will also uncover how and what content you are presenting to your visitors. The type of content and user experience on your site can lead to poor website performance. Once a visitor clicks on your link or ad, they have expectations that need to be met in order to move from being a passive visitor to becoming a paying customer.

Improving Visibility and Opportunity

Discovering your online opportunity is the greatest product of your audit. As part of the online marketplace audit, you will understand where your online opportunity exists and the barriers that are preventing you from realizing those opportunities. Reviewing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses online allows you to create a more strategic online plan.

Your online opportunity defines your primary customer, or the customer that will provide the greatest return on investment. Customer segmentation can increase the performance of your website at acquiring a greater market share. Customer segmentation will allow for targeted messaging and placement allow for targeted messaging and placement, delivering the greatest share of your primary customers online.

Improving Customer Acquisition Online

With improved site performance you will acquire more customers online that will contribute growth to your business goals. Your primary customer is trying to complete a job online. The data from their searches represent the opportunity to deliver content specific to their needs at their stage in job map. By creating a customer map, you can build the necessary content and assets needed to generate leads from qualified visitors. This is part of your customer acquisition model to ensure you are acquiring the right customers, with the right messaging, at the right price.

Tracking and measuring that these efforts are improving your site performance will be easy with your custom dashboard. With access to digestible data, make projections based on accurate numbers quickly. You have access at any moment to the online health and activity of your company.