Increase the Digital IQ of Your Business

Increasing the digital IQ of your organization will improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts and create a common language throughout your organization. With an increased cohesiveness among the different parts of your business, all departments will be working toward the same business goals. A greater understanding of how the digital landscape contributes to business goals leads to growth and profitability.

Foundation for Your Digital Education

Trying to keep up with the latest tactical trends or fads could be greater than two full-time positions within your organization. But increasing your digital IQ is not about understanding trends and buzzwords. Developing the educational foundation for your organization would start by knowing how your website is performing and how your opportunity for online growth could be hampered by simple errors or omissions.

Beginning with an audit provides your organization with an evaluation of your website, the errors that are keeping your site from performing, and the on-site issues that are giving your visitors pause to convert into customers. After understanding your on-site issues, you can shift focus to your online market place. This includes discovering your online opportunity, how your competitors are creating content and messaging, where they are placing their messaging in paid search and how you can knock down online barriers to grab your share of the market.

Your Online Opportunity Defined

Your online opportunity represents the potential for growth in your industry. Knowing your opportunity allows you to create and align business goals with real data. The establishment of business goals is important for creating the common language of your organization to ensure each and every department is working towards the same goals.

The data will give you an opportunity to segment out your customers. Typical segments would include standard demographics such as age, gender, and occupation but a new way to consider customer segmentation is defining them as buyers, users, and buyer/users. This type of customer segmentation allows you to define your primary customer, not as Jane Smith, but as an entire segment of individuals trying to complete the same job.

Profitable Growth from Your Increased Digital IQ

The outcome from increasing your digital IQ is to gain a greater understanding of how the digital landscape shapes your business decisions for profitable growth. Through standard digital marketing practices such as SEO and PPC, you can make decisions that impact business goals. Operational support is available to improve your business day by day in these digital marketing disciplines. Your focus can be on how position, traffic, and impressions affect your business — not learning the next new fad.

Through a custom dashboard, you can track and analyze the key metrics that lead to growth through a dashboard. Your dashboard provides validation of your time and investment placed on your digital marketing efforts. Trying to learn the next fad in online marketing will, at best, lead to short-lived success. Invest in strategy and develop processes that allow you to achieve revenue goals.