Increase Website Traffic

Visitors to your website represent the number of potential customers online. To increase sales, you need to first increase website traffic. You can only sell to people who find your website online.

Learn what issues to fix and why

There are qualities and standards that prevent your website from ranking better, converting visitors, and being shared. An on-site analysis from a website audit gives direction for fixing technical errors and flaws in user experience. With the ability to satisfy search engines, humans, and devices, your website will be prepped for additional strategy.

You do not just want traffic. You want qualified traffic.

We help you understand the needs of your customers with keyword research. When you identify what your primary customer wants online, you can attract an audience that is most likely to become a customer. You can increase the value of your website by adding functionality and content that enhances visitors’ experience and builds a solution.

Paid Ad and Organic Placement

Keyword research helps you understand your primary customer’s language and their location in their purchase process. Keyword research helps you segment your customers based on their needs and how they search for solutions. It also allows you to generate traffic through positive placement in search engine results pages. As we manage your paid search campaigns, we will measure the effectiveness of the messaging, landing pages, and targeted terms. This deeper insight into user behavior can be applied to on-site strategy, advancing the website’s ability to rank online organically and receive non-paid traffic.

How much authority does your website have?

As algorithms have improved, they have almost completely reduced the effectiveness of “cheating” your way to the top. If you want to rank higher, you must create a valuable website. A strong indication of a user-centric website is one that receives many inbound links from high quality sources. The link analysis in our website audit delivers a snapshot of how many links your website has and from what sources.

What messages are you sending?

Through the lens of keyword research, we will recognize how well your website reaches a qualified audience and how effectively it communicates a solution to their needs. Does your website contain the pages that address your primary customer’s concerns? Keyword research aligns the language you use in messaging with the way customers are searching. It helps you improve the way your website delivers solutions. Search engines reward websites that effectively answer customer needs.

In addition to examining the keyword research, it is also important to analyze the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Learning the online strategy of your competitors will prepare your brand to attract vistiors and generate them into customers.