Leverage Your Website to Generate More Revenue

It is hard to keep up with business demands online without a clear understanding of how to leverage your website. Revenue generation is possible online, and Evolve can help you achieve it.

Prepare your site for improvements

Websites are complicated. Their purpose has evolved over the years from providing basic information and transactions to replacing entire in-person processes. To turn your website into a revenue source, it must meet qualifications and standards of people, search engines, and devices. An on-site analysis, included in a website audit, provides the necessary insight to devise future recommendations that will start making more today. Along with understanding what parts of the website are causing issues, you will learn what your customers want from you online.

Research the customer’s needs

As part of the website audit, we research the keywords you should use to target customers. By segmenting the keywords into groups, we convey the personas of your potential customers. Knowing which terms represent various levels of purchase intent will enable you to improve the way you message to your audience. An evaluation of the current content will reveal how well your website cater to the audience represented in keyword research.

Compete brilliantly online

To increase revenue, you need to compete more efficiently online. Understanding why your competitors have the success they do is an important prerequisite to ranking higher and driving more traffic. A competitive gap analysis looks at your competitors’ number of inbound links to provide the necessary intuition for building authority for your own website. Knowing the sources of those links provides the necessary intuition for building authority for your own website. In addition to the link profile, we also explore the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ on-site content. How are they marketing their products? Who are they targeting? What is process through which visitors are funneled through the website?

Tailor your online presence to meet needs

What are visitors accomplishing on your site? Do they reach pages relevant to what they want? To increase revenue, you need to determine whether your website’s user experience is sufficient. This information will better prepare you to strategize for online lead generation and increased revenue, even in a competitive market.

Grow your company’s revenue stream

When a website’s technical errors are corrected, pages are strategically written for the primary customer, and calls to action are clearly presented, visitors are more prone to moving through your website and becoming paying customers.