Validate Your Investment

Investing in marketing is a critical decision for the success and growth of your business. There are many avenues you can choose to create awareness of your products and services, but not all are created equal. Many organizations take months to deliberate on which marketing channel they should focus with the hopes of achieving the growth necessary to justify the expense. With so many metrics and data to sort through, it can become overwhelming to validate your investment.

Success Starts with Preparation

Before you can create success, you must define success. A website audit will identify your website’s opportunity to validate future investments and achieve business goals.

Understanding your online opportunity and completing a competitive analysis of your market will also contribute to your definition of success. Aligning business goals with online opportunity will allow you to set reasonable business goals and validate your investment.

More of the Customers You Want

Better rankings and more traffic are metrics that on the surface appear to represent online success. Using the data in defining your online opportunity we will segment out the terms that are used by the customers that are most valuable to you.

To achieve growth, you must develop a plan that is based on your on. Customer segmentation allows you to identify the language and messaging that will turn these passive visitors into paying customers. Understanding how your primary customer is searching for your product or service online provides a framework for the resources needed to meet your customer’s expectations. This helps you evaluate against business goals in an effort to provide validation of your investment.

Track. Measure. Grow.

A custom dashboard measures how effectively your progress contributes to profitable growth. These metrics are continuously tracked and measured to ensure you meet your goals. Knowing what is working and what is not working is crucial in continual marketing success.