Seeking SEO Success? Start with an Audit.

Many of our clients come to us at their wits’ end. Why is my site not ranking well? I know I have visitors, so why aren’t the conversion levels increasing? Unfortunately, the on-site problems are quiet little buggers, comfortably lurking beneath the surface. Before you can start making relevant changes to pages and content, you must be able to identify the exact issues that are getting in the way of your website reaching its full potential. The SEO Audit that Evolve performs consists of a thorough On-Site Analysis, a detailed Competitive Analysis, and valuable Keyword Research insight that can be used for tactical next steps. While the term “audit,” isn’t typically well-received, our SEO audit is an essential first step for anyone who wants to see some ROI online. The initial results may not be pretty, but it will be refreshing to know for certain what actions you need to take in order to transform your website into a thriving online destination. Ignorance may be bliss, but it won’t result in conversions. Our On-site Analysis breaks down your website’s effectiveness (or lack thereof). It’s a critical starting point; without one, any on-site adjustments will be in vain. An SEO Audit clearly defines for you which aspects of your site are problematic. This will be in the form of errors, duplicate content, improper URL structure, and much more. It points out which parts of your site need work. Beyond the On-Site Analysis, our SEO Audit also compares your website to your top three competitors. In this section, the Competitor Analysis, we uncover the strengths of their online strategies, which keywords they are using to attract traffic, the number of outside links they accrue, and other information that is beneficial to know. You are most likely aware of which brands your customers choose over you; now you’ll be able to know why. Even better, you’ll be able to understand how you can work to attain the position you deserve in the search engine results pages. Finally, our SEO Audit discloses the keyword terms or phrases whose use and implementation will benefit your brand’s online visibility. Within our Keyword Research Matrix, you’ll discover the terms we have graded according to relevance, volume, commerciality, and competition. Evolve provides short-to-mid, and long terms with usage recommendations so you can maximize your organic SEO and paid Search efforts. How does this fit into the big picture? Simply put, it is the start to your online success. On the flip side, your online success can’t truly start without it. The SEO Audit puts your website into perspective. You can’t possibly know which parts to tweak or what features to add if you donat understand which areas are working and which aren’t. Without an SEO Audit, you are pouring money into a domain that isn’t yielding a return on investment. Every success story needs a starting point. This can be yours.