A Different SEO Audit Company

95% of leading marketers agree that “to truly matter, marketing analytics’ KPIs must be tied to business goals.” At Evolve Digital Labs, a St. Louis digital marketing agency, we believe that statement whole-heartedly.

As an SEO Audit company, we feel strongly that your marketing investment should align directly with your business goals. Those tactics should line up with realistic opportunities for growth, not a mishmash of KPIs that may or not indicate how your business is performing. Do you want to arm your bow and take aim with a spotlight on your target market or shoot in all directions with a blindfold on?

We work with St.Louis-based businesses and provide search marketing services, but are not a run-of-the-mill St. Louis SEO Agency or PPC firm.


Our model is focused on Jobs and Outcomes. What are the “jobs” people are trying to complete when they go online? What are the “outcomes” they want to achieve when they enter queries into the Google search bar?

This model is backed by data and search trends and enables customers to turn their websites and marketing initiatives into powerful customer acquisition tools.


We are a digital marketing firm that delivers business strategy solutions. We do this by identifying growth and lead generation opportunities by using deep analytical insights for both organic and paid channels.


Evolve Digital Labs specializes in digital marketing strategy covering:

  • SEO Audit Services
  • Search Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Online Behavior Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Social Strategy
  • Creative Direction


How do we get from here….

evolve digital model seo audit company

…to here?SEO_Audit_company_Reveals _Dashboard_Goals

The Evolve process is different. We recommend that each of our clients undergoes an SEO audit or website performance audit because it is the best way to understand what is happening online in your industry. This also gives us a chance to identify the barriers impacting your business’ potential growth.

Another agency may begin blindly running your PPC or SEO efforts, and this may serve as a ‘quick fix.’ We, on the other hand, prefer to be as informed as possible to firmly understand the marketplace, your needs, and the obstacles which may be in the way.

An SEO audit report has three components which inform the strategy we create for your business:

  1. The Market Opportunity
  2. Technical Assessment
  3. Click Share


By using data-driven research, we determine the needs of your customer and the language they use. This allows us to provide strategies that deliver growth and expose your true market.

We’ll build your team a strategic framework by turning online marketing audit data into real tactics for growth.

Our partnerships focus on removing the guesswork.

If your goal is to get new customers by increasing site visibility and ranking share, we’ll lay the roadmap at your feet.