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A Successful SEO Audit Starts with Understanding

Your website is an extension of your company and when properly optimized, can be the hardest working employee for growing your business. The purpose of the SEO Audit is aligning customer needs and your business goals. In many ways, search engine rankings are a reflection of how well your brand speaks to potential customers online.

In our audit, we diagnose the site’s problems. Those problems often include technical website issues, however fixing on-site errors may not solve all of your problems. Are you targeting the right audience? Do you understand the language your potential customers are using?  We can help clearly define your online opportunity and provide the plan necessary to deliver the greatest value from an SEO Audit.

When an SEO Audit Becomes Necessary

No matter what your industry, business goals, limitations, you name it, the SEO Audit is a critical, non-negotiable step to completing your digital strategy. Especially when one or more of the following are happening in your organization:

  1. Major Website Changes
  2. Significant Brand or Product Updates
  3. Industry Disrupted by Competition
  4. Reduction in Traffic, Leads or Sales

Treat an SEO Audit like a Market Gap Analysis. Your new goals will help us identify the areas of interest and need, that support the new changes to your website or company.

The Evolve Digital Labs Audit can guide your investments of resources. The priorities will be documented by impact vs. effort.

You’ll learn exactly where your dollars should go and why.

SEO Software vs. SEO Experts

SEO software is NOT all-inclusive, meaning you can’t just plug your website into a machine and crank out reports. Free SEO tools will not solve all your website’s problems. We look at the site in its entirety, not only from the perspective of a search engine but the user experience. The analysis of your website and customer should be completely unique and not completely reliant on a digital SEO tool to solve business problems.

There is too much human input needed to separate and explain the nuances of what your customer means when searching specific terms. SEO Auditing still requires an expert website auditor to determine the value from the search query.

Make no mistake, many website errors will be discovered through the use of  website grader tools but technical website errors are the smallest portion of your audit.

An audit to us means seeing the bigger picture, specifically what your industry is doing online. This includes competitive analysis and keyword research.

Why is Your Competition Beating You Online?

Providing a list of competitors to investigate their online visibility and what their strategy is can produce a great deal of value.  Limiting the online barriers to just direct competitors does not provide the necessary insight to plan and conquer your industry.

You must understand how indirect competitors such as media companies or industry trade websites are impacting the customer’s digital journey. Understanding what websites, that are not direct competitors, influence how your company’s offering is purchased will inform what SEO strategies must be executed in addition to SEM Campaigns.

We know it is critical to evaluate and measure your industry peers and if these competitors are outselling or outranking you. We’ll disclose a straightforward, unbiased report that states both fact and expert opinion. Discover how your competitors are building authority and visibility online.

“Evolve have met all of our goals – high keyword rankings, more than 200% increase in website traffic, and an increase in conversions and leads. Evolve has truly elevated our SEO efforts to a new level.”

Tony UlwickFounder & CEO, Strategyn

What Keywords Are Your Most Valuable Customers Using?

Our keyword research process is unique. We believe the words, when organized and collected with care, produce a language unique to your industry. You might be missing out on an audience that is already searching for you or you might be targeting an audience that delivers little to no ROI.

How Many Keywords do I need?

We don’t share a huge list of keywords in an excel file to try and impress or confuse you. There is a need to collect as many terms as it takes to produce an accurate reflection of the online market, but the terms to target should be much smaller.

We work with you, as well as the data, to find the smartest terms to target. Remember, keywords are actually customers. You have a unique opportunity to present the solution to these customers that will complete their job to be done. Your audit will deliver where your online opportunity exists for achieving maximum growth.

SEO Audit Budget and Timeline

If you’re anything like us, you do your research before purchase or committing to a service. We’ll be completely honest: our audits aren’t cheap. Our service is entirely different, it actually provides value and we go to great lengths to ensure that you understand what that value is. The brands that truly understand the value are the ones that reap the biggest ROI. These brands actually make the effort to digest the report and take the necessary action.

In our SEO Audit you will receive important information such as prioritization of improvements that are needed for your website, isolating your most valuable customer, and defining your online opportunity for growth.

  • On-Site Errors – gain the confidence to know exactly what takes priority in order for your team to spend time effectively. Knowing exactly what needs to fixed for your website to provide value.
  • Your Most Valuable Customer – find your most valuable customer and tailor your website to match their behavior, language and deliver on their desired outcome.
  • Online Growth Opportunity – aligning business goals with keyword research and your most valuable customer will show you the online opportunity and cost for growth.

The SEO Audit sets you up for success. Read the stories of clients that have implemented the necessary changes from the audit and found digital success. In our opinion, without knowledge of these things, any strategy that is developed will be misguided.

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