Search Engine Marketing Consultants

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means allowing your goals to drive the marketing process. SEM is the process through which we as a digital marketing agency increase your revenue and profitability. We do not focus solely on SEO, PPC or paid search marketing; we are an online growth and customer acquisition agency that uses SEM as the tool for growth.

Discover your potential for growth

Before you create a plan, you need to understand the online market opportunity. An audit provides this insight by researching customer needs and analyzing your website’s ability to meet those needs. Ultimately, it prepares you for success in search marketing.

Earning the greatest return on your SEM investment requires a strategy that is founded on the information provided in the audit. However, there is no reason for any component of online marketing to be a “set-it-and-forget-it” practice. Each online effort can be observed in analytics to gauge its effectiveness, then reworked as needed to stay in alignment with business goals.

Combining multiple online tactics strengthens your ability to target the right audience and improve the online experience for your customers.

Search Engine Optimization: Best practices rid your website of technical errors and communicate to search engines the quality and content of your website.

Pay Per Click: Paying for exposure on search engines through PPC allows you to discover an audience that is actively searching for solutions you can provide, thus maximizing the potential for conversions.

Content: Using keyword research to develop a content strategy adds value to your website and improves customers’ online experiences.

Outreach: Connecting with industry influencers online enables you to gain authority in the eyes of search engines and customers, while simultaneously receiving a stream of organic traffic to your website.

Our Process:

Encapsulating the specific components listed above, our process features three steps: audit, strategy, and growth. The first, Audit, is where we are able to fully grasp the market opportunity for your company. During the Strategy stage, we refer to your company’s goals and the data from the Audit to develop a plan moving forward. Growth involves putting the plan into action, all along carefully digesting the analytics to continue measuring and refining the efforts.

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