Website Optimization

Your website should be the hardest working employee you have. With website optimization for search engines and user experience, it can also be the most efficient component of your business. Your website works 24 hours a day and even through holidays. It would be beneficial to you and your business to have a fully optimized website for better performance.

Website optimization is not just about on-site errors – though they do play a significant role in your performance – it is about meeting the needs of your target market. Your primary customer is online searching for a solution to complete a specific job – if your website is poorly optimized it becomes harder to be their solution.

Understanding what your primary customer is trying to accomplish online is the first step in website optimization. By compiling keyword research and analytics data, you can more effectively segment your customers. Applying this understanding to your on-site messaging and content will draw the right audience to your website.

The need for website optimization continues to increase as consumers rely on search engines. Our process will improve the performance of your website:

  • Identify on-site errors – Fix errors on your website to drastically improve its performance
  • Define your primary customer – Know whom you should be targeting to generate the greatest return on investment
  • Discover your online opportunity – Find out where you are missing opportunity online for profitable growth
  • Improve the customer experience – Meet customers’ expectations and needs
  • Align messaging with your customer – Create content using keyword research and customer segmentation
  • Fix leaks in your online sales funnel – Create a job map to identify where your primary customer is in the sales process

Our website performance audit reaches further than fixing the usual suspects hurting web performance. For us, website optimization is just the beginning – start building a better online experience today.