Website Performance Audit

Your website performance audit gives you the necessary information to understand how your website can deliver the most impact for your business. Through discovering errors on your site, identifying your target audience, and defining your online opportunity you can increase your business’ profitability and improve your website performance.

Do you consider your website a product? You should be thinking of your website as a product because your competitors are thinking that way. Your website should contain relevant information for your target audience as well as compel them to complete a task. Your website’s performance can negatively effect your overall business health and a website performance audit can help you create an innovative product, your website.

Why Get a Website Performance Audit?

Website performance audits are needed for a number of reasons that include a loss of market share. If you are concerned that your website isn’t grabbing as much of the market and online opportunity that exists it could be due to the overall performance of your website.

Recently redesigned websites are the biggest culprit in the battle to gain market share and a website performance audit will find the underlying issues that are a result of this redesign.

Your company may have had a change in leadership and thus a change in your business goals. These changes will be tough to realize with a poorly performing website. A shift in company leadership and a change in company goals would also benefit from a website performance audit.

Negative Performance

Your website could show performance issues due to employing careless website optimization practices or no practices at all. Optimized websites outperform non-optimized websites every day. Digging deep into your website with a technical audit, we can find what is holding your website back from performing to its maximum potential of generating more customers from your site.

Your most valuable customers are online searching to complete a job. They just want to complete this job with little regard about the product or it’s features to get the job done. What they want to know is if the product or service will be the solution to their problem. Poorly performing websites have a hard time of doing the work to convince them that you provide the solution for their desired outcome.

What is in a Website Performance Audit?

In your website performance audit we will diagnose the problems that keep your website from performing at it’s best. Any website errors that exist will be discovered and reported so that they can be corrected.

Defining your primary customer is necessary to ensure you are targeting your most valuable customer to sharpen your messaging and marketing efforts to grab as much of your online opportunity as possible. Research into your competition and market will also help provide an understanding of your website SEO,  and online opportunity to achieve your company’s goals for growth through your website.