Simple Link Building Trends

Simple Link Building Trends

Link building matters.

But where do you start? Well, first we want you to fully grasp the point of link building, which is to direct traffic to your site. This can include Facebook “likes” and shout-outs on Twitter. Just think of the vast degree of connectivity that those two sites encompass. Word spreads exceptionally fast on social media platforms, so it’s wise to make your presence known on them.

4 Simple Link Building Techniques:

Guest blogging: Whether you are the one punching the keys as a favor to another or you have reached out for someone to write for you, guest blogging is a great way to spread your insight (or if you’ve wrangled a guest post- to add an outsider’s insight to your brand). People crave knowledge and opinions, so don’t hesitate to deliver what you’ve got.

Join the conversation: Remember that people read articles for the comments, too. In fact, sometimes the smartest people are the ones who have gotten into the habit of immediately scrolling down to see if anyone has left comments. That way they know if the content is worth digesting. Readers who post comments also enjoy giving their own input on the subject – and kudos to them. When someone contributes intelligent feedback, they’re likely to be respected. Loved. Followed. Stalked. That could be you.

Create a sweet infographic: As a company containing employees who dream in infographics (daydream, that is), we cannot pump up this trend enough. You know what people love? Information that is presented in an aesthetically pleasing graphic design. Infographics. They’ll be passed around more times than a blunt at a Grateful Dead concert.

Provide testimonials: If you present an honest, helpful testimonial to a company for its services or products, in return they will likely link to your site. They do this because the unbiased words of a real consumer (you) have more value than an advertisement ever could. Also, by linking to your site, it proves that you, the satisfied customer, really exist and that your testimonial is valid. We call that a win-win.

There you have it. Have fun building links!