Site Audit: Competitive Analysis

Site Audit: Competitive Analysis

We’ve been promoting the Site Audit like mad this year, and for good reason. Having this service performed is the only way for a brand to grasp where it stands in the expansive, outer space that is the WWW. It’s the “you are here” reference that everyone needs before starting or continuing a journey. Our audit includes three main sections. We’ve already thoroughly explained what the first, On-Site Analysis, consists of; it is a presentation of all errors and crawlability issues that live on your site.

Many site audit services, especially the free ones, stop there. They take a quick minute to run a few tests and hand you back limited answers. We, too, use software to assist our analyses a SEOmoz is a staple in this industry because it yields such accurate, thorough results. What separates our audits from others’, though, is that we look at the big picture. This helps us determine a site’s relevance among its competitors. This portion, appropriately deemed the Competitive Analysis, can reveal a great amount of insight about the top brands to which our audit client is losing potential conversions.

We start by examining who the competitors are from a search engine’s point of view. This, of course, is graded based on the domain authority. The report includes an extensive comparison of the websites’ quantity and quality of links (both internal and external), which will illuminate their link building strategy.

During the traffic flow inspection, we present analysis charts, trends, and sources, all crucial components that allow a brand to understand subsurface insights. Finally, the Evolve team scrutinizes the on-site visibility, content, and navigation of the competitors’ sites. Here is where our expertise truly comes in handy. We pick up on details that might otherwise go overlooked, such as social integration, layout, and calls to action. Our straightforward observations will assist in gauging the status of our client’s website as compared to the top competitors’ digital activity. Once a brand knows where it stands, it can focus on making adjustments that will propel the company in the right direction.

It takes work to gain ground on competitors, but the information we disclose in the Competitive Analysis is enough to get anyone psyched for success in the future.